12 different and successful selling methods

Most entrepreneurs believe that nothing new can be invented for them. This article is proof that it works. An entrepreneur told me some time ago: “I think that in some areas you can find different forms of sales and thus differentiate yourself from the competition.” “But I have a bakery. You can’t invent anything new here.” So I took a piece of paper and just wrote 12 Ways to Sell Pastry. He was visibly surprised.

12 different and successful selling methods

Lehits entrepreneurs suffer from originality. They try to do their business differently than most of them and succeed.

Until now, he had only considered some partial adjustments, and the belief that everything in his domain had been given once and for all prevented him from seeing it. The following overview is not final and of course it is not just for baking. Every trader can take inspiration from it.

However, the specific solution doesn’t just depend on what you want. Consider the local situation, the market and the customers. In a poor neighborhood, you probably won’t work with high-quality but more expensive pastries. In a small town they only have french bread, even if you have ten varieties. On the other hand, do not content yourself with the characteristics of the people who are now coming to you. Find out if other clients are available here ( More in the e-book Lehits in-store marketing).

After this inspiring ‘massage’, you will definitely consider other options.

Sell ​​differently with intuitive marketing with success

Narrowing the range
You can only focus on a narrow part. For example, you can sell only French bread, specialize in cakes, or serve only bread. However, you need to expand your choice this narrowly.

Orientation towards quality
As in the previous case, you can narrow the range and focus on high quality. Higher prices may be consistent with this.

Self-service discount
It is also possible to go the opposite way and bet on varnish. Pastries can be sold cheaply in supermarkets, where you will not find any counter and vendors, except for cashiers.

Always refreshing
Instead of making one-time pastries throughout the day, it is possible to bake them multiple times a day. Especially with the use of chilled dough, which you prepare in advance and then let it settle and bake directly in the store.

You can add a seating area to the pastry shop and serve coffee, tea and other beverages to your products. In the summer, for example, ice cream.

Fast food restaurant
The pastry itself can be used as a base for fast food. You can prepare fresh French bread, toast, or even sausage.

A variety of bonding
The same quality cheeses, butter and cold cuts go well with high-quality pastries. You can conveniently consolidate the store ideologically to attract more customers.

You can sell fresh pastries while supermarkets only offer rubber rolls and packaged bread.

Online store with delivery
Nowadays, forms are starting to spread, as the customer orders food online and the store brings it to him. You can only service the vicinity.

Morning delivery
Pastry can also be delivered so customers can have it fresh for breakfast. Of course, including any other foods that you are interested in.

Delivery to other stores
It is possible to provide other stores that do not compete with it. All you have to do is start in a neighborhood not too far.

Selling booths
Instead of one store, you can set up many small outdoor stalls and supplement the variety with food, for example.

And you will definitely consider other options.

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