3 rules for successful sidewalk advertising and how to get customers inside

The outdoor advertisement aims to capture the entire customer offer, not embed it. So, follow these three principles. There is a misconception of what everything should be like, and most importantly, it should not be lost in the promotion of a billboard or poster or standing in front of a store or restaurant. And it so happens that fifty shepherds are listed at the bottom of the billboard, although the driver does not have the opportunity to notice either of them at an average speed.

In order to sell external promotion, you must know the rules

Outdoor advertising aims to attract customers to attend. So give her less information, but impressively. This is how we do intuitive marketing.

The owner of the company, who placed a sign by the side of the road announcing the new address, took me in the car, to collect it myself He has tried what he can read. He admitted he had no chance, but left the painting there. Including an unforgettable phone number.

Whenever I go or wander about similar ads, I think Why did businessmen put it there. It costs money or at least some work, but the effect is zero. Maybe they saw it elsewhere, they read about it in a book (a textbook-like book that says what entrepreneurs should do). But sometimes common sense is enough to understand that it cannot work that way. In intuitive marketing, ineffective advertising resources are definitely not wasted.

“The signage’s mission is not to inform in detail, but to influence feelings.”

For example, I drive around a parking lot. There is always a stand in front of it – a blackboard, depicted in lowercase letters from top to bottom. A complete three-course menu with soups in the first place. Even if I keep my fifties, I can barely read soup. But People don’t usually stop because of it. So a few words in large handwriting would make more announcements than this comprehensive but unread information. The idea that the driver stops and goes to see what he eats for lunch today is unrealistic ( Test how to use the promotion effectiveness with Self-service brochures).

The power of words in outdoor advertising

When I talk about soup, I can show you the power of words to it. It was cold and dry, and I was feeling bad weather outside in the car. I passed two restaurants serving soup on stalls outside. I stopped at three. He read on the board, “Hot Soup.” That’s exactly what What could interest the customer. Like “crunchy chicken” or “honest hamster”. When you write something like this on the easel, you can easily list the entire list below. No one will read it either, but it won’t matter anymore.

The point of these signs is not to inform in detail, but to influence feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to search for such words that evoke pleasant feelings, memories and curiosities. For one laundry, I came up with the slogan “Lingerie Like Mum”. Interestingly, when she offered her service to restaurants, some were quick to tell them that they had “mom-like food.” Works as a reminder of the ancient golden ages.

Or I saw an inscription on the stage in front of a pharmacy: “Czech repellent of Czech mosquitoes.” I immediately started thinking about it. Are the Czech mosquitoes different from the Slovak mosquitoes, for example? Does Czech repellent have a special formula that responds to that? Only from this thinking and curiosity is Step to enter the store And purchase.

Message must be current

Swatches should primarily be used for existing ads. If people wander for a month that there are dozens of beers in the store, they’ll stop noticing it. If they didn’t buy beer bass every day, they wouldn’t care. The supermarket is also cheap … Movement and change attract attention. For example, I wander around a convenience store that always advertises goods people might want on a roadside sign. Spades in spring, pool chemistry in summer, fruit pickers in autumn, and window snowflakes in winter. And I’m driving into another store that still has the same thing there ( Also read in the book Lehits for the 21st Century).

So this promotion sells outdoors

So for your outdoor upgrade to work, direct your customers indoors and encourage them to buy or consume, you don’t need to imagine what you can’t afford to miss ( Contact your program partner for more information Cashback World PLUS IM). On the contrary, because the customers who drive or drive around have very little time to read the message, Less is more. So, to take advantage of external promotion, follow the following rules:

  • Don’t try to present the information comprehensively, just capture the customer’s feelings in a few words
  • Update the message as often as possible
  • Personally check what the customer can pick up on while driving or walking

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