Active Sales: Give customers a try, and they’ll come back again and again because of it

Picking goods from shelves is boring hence just price. If you want to attract clients, do it differently. Several times a year, we carefully absorb it and begin to wonder if it grows. We are, of course, about mushrooms. It is even said that Slavs are sensitive to their scent in their genes. But have you ever noticed that mushroom selections are a bit like shopping at a convenience store?

Lehits for Active Sales: It's crowded!

Lehits entrepreneurs prepare their customers not for a purchase, but a pleasant purchase. It will save more.

You stand in front of the forest, take a basket and go through the trees. Fortunately, when you come back, there is no cash register waiting for you to spend what you get. Well, we all know that. But how can this help us at work? When we realize what we really enjoy picking mushrooms, a lot.

Wouldn’t it be nice for your customer to think this way?

Do you know anyone who would like to find mushrooms on the edge of a forest on shelves, dried well in bags or stored in jars? Or in plastic boxes, take it and go home? Probably not. Due to breeding, these are sometimes hours spent in the woods and the joy of hunting. Even sighing over the empty basket, promising that tomorrow will be better. Wouldn’t it be nice for your customer to think this way?

So, if buying in your store finds an exciting experience, when can he spot an unexpected catch? If it comes back again and again because of this feeling? definitely yes. Because merchandise and their prices no longer decide where to go shopping today, tomorrow and maybe all year, because everyone has almost the same thing. Emotions decide.

Three factors that will take shopping to the next level

How to achieve? Customer behavior is influenced by three important factors related to emotions. If you use it, you will not only increase sales but also increase the loyalty of your shoppers. Regardless of posting personal advice, especially on social networks. So to speak, it kills three flies in one fell swoop.

The first factor is Surprise. If the mushrooms stood in line in the woods, we wouldn’t love them. We need to find them. It’s a little problem in a store with balanced shelves. But you can help yourself in two ways. On the one hand, it somehow disrupts the militant behavior ( Meaning How does the Penny Market do it), On the one hand, to give shoppers the opportunity to “dig”. Baskets of goods offered for sale or marked “all for 50” are popular. Not just because of the price.

I recommended a major cutlery seller to place some small merchandise baskets in the store. It made them very organized. But they were afraid. I’m not saying they have bad sales results, but they can have better results.

The second factor is inspiration. It is reported that more than 80% of purchasing decisions are made in-store. But that doesn’t mean the customer will buy 80 percent more than they originally wanted. Probably not at all if nothing liked him. By appropriately arranging merchandise (for example, secondary supply), instructions (for example, recipes) and sales dialogue for vendors, you can achieve a significant increase in sales.

The third factor is Engaging all senses. There are major weaknesses here so far. Even sales marketing professionals often don’t realize that a person who cannot engage all of their senses in evaluating the environment feels uncomfortable about it. It was as if someone had blindfolded him. So try to make your store affect your hearing, touch, smell and taste, just like your eyesight.

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