Are you losing sales? We’ll show you how to find new customers.

B2B sales are becoming increasingly difficult, as digital platforms do not serve as a distribution channel for goods and services in most industries. The trend of house officers and people’s reluctance to engage unnecessarily due to the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus has greatly complicated business in the B2B sector. However, there are effective crisis-resistant methods that will bring you new customers and help you fulfill ambitious plans.

The strategy for finding new customers is not based on feelings and opinions, but on hard data. “Since March of this year, we have seen a significant increase in the demand for data analytics to support sales teams and search for new business opportunities both in the local market and abroad. It is quite surprising that, in these turbulent times, services based on data analytics are growing exponentially. Faster than risk management services,” says Zdenek Demeter, Bisnode’s Director of Big Data Analytics.

There are many effective methods that work very efficiently with data. One of them is the so-called twin analysis, which is looking for new clients with a perfect profile in the corporate jungle. This method, also called look-a-like, relies on analyzing your customer portfolio enriched with Bisnode data. The goal is to find out what your ideal or typical customer looks like. What is the size of the company, in what sector does it operate, and how will it develop in the future? This segmentation seeks to show and highlight similarities and patterns in the customer base. Then, a data specialist like Bisnode, from segmentation combined with a massive amount of data, builds a model and finds companies that have the same or similar criteria as your best customers. It reveals hidden market potential and identifies the pool of potential customers with the highest potential to sell. Implementation is fast and does not require installation or acquisition of a third party system.

Even better results are provided by the so-called Intelligent data analysis. He will bring up a list of high quality B2B potential clients in a few weeks. An integral part of this method of finding potential customers is the use of machine learning. Discover how well-selected leads will return to the model, making it smarter. In practice, intelligent data analysis collects data from a variety of sources – enriching customer data from your CRM with data from Lehits’s largest global database of over 360 million records, as well as information downloaded from the Internet. The result is a list of companies that are most likely to actually need and purchase certain products or services at a given time. This method significantly improves the conversion ratio in sales, achieves quick tangible results in the short term and at the same time contributes to the digitization of marketing and sales.

The key to success is analytical methods based on high-quality Bisnode data. “Unfortunately, quality selection of the target group of relevant companies that will be addressed using advanced data analytics and subsequent initial contact (so-called cold calls) is still the most effective way to get more new business opportunities with minimal investment and in a relatively short time. Zdeněk Demeter Data Analytics Business Manager Bisnode concluded.

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