Ask customers satisfied, sales will rise

Why are entrepreneurs afraid to demand customer satisfaction? Because they are afraid of their dissatisfaction. However, if you find out, you can improve. In a small hobby market, I was waiting in vain for the sole salesperson present to pay attention and advise me. He preferred his friend and took him to the parking lot. Even as he got into the car, he had a pleasant discussion with him. Once I turned on the car radio, I heard an advertisement for this particular store.

Are your customers satisfied?  You'd better ask them

Lehits entrepreneurs use the issue of contentment as part of everyday communication. Therefore, they have a minimum number of complaints.

However, its owner will never know why I shouldn’t go shopping there. No one asked me about that.

In a grocery store, it’s definitely difficult to ask customers for their satisfaction. But for corporate customers, it’s very simple – just pick up the phone from time to time. Are you doing that? ( There are other important approaches, as you will read in the e-book Sell ​​intuitive marketing).

“Will your customer feel the need to acknowledge that they are fifty or sixty percent satisfied?”

Are customers satisfied? just ask

Ask your customers if they are happy with you. Most business owners and merchants consider this a complete waste of time, or even a nuisance for a customer. When he does not complain or complain, he is satisfied. And the best thing is that you only hear about it regarding the next ranking! Oh really? If you only bought one item from your list of ten things at the supermarket because they don’t have the remaining nine, would you complain about the retail chain approach? Would you make it clear that you are only ten percent satisfied? Or will you go somewhere else next time? ( Read also in the article What does the customer mean?)

Defend against competition

So it will be your customer You feel the need to trustThat he be satisfied with fifty or sixty percent? Mostly not, of course. On the one hand, he will be much more willing to respond to an offer that is better than the competition, even if it differs from your offer with only a small discount. Why not, when you are not expecting much from you.

So ask your customers how satisfied they are. This is a real connection, a condition for business success. He does not advertise even if he calls himself. No good entrepreneur will spend money acquiring new clients if he does not know how satisfied the existing clients are.

Satisfaction is useful for several reasons:

  • It is prevention, as you usually find the problem before it results in the customer leaving
  • Show your interest in customer satisfaction
  • So you have the opportunity to be reminded

And why don’t some traders do this? Simply for fear of customer dissatisfaction. So he prefers not to disturb him. But this is just the wrong approach. An unhappy customer doesn’t last long and goes elsewhere. Even in situations where it doesn’t seem easy.

A sales manager of one of the fixtures asked me how to reclaim a long-term customer. They were so sure that he could not escape from them when their equipment was installed at the factory and needed maintenance and refurbishment, so much so that they did not try to please him and solve problems when some of them appeared. Then the customer started building a new factory and ordered supplies elsewhere. You ask, what did you advise that director? nothing. They had actually given up their opportunity when they weren’t interested in customer satisfaction.

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