Business stories: Make interesting videos, don’t talk heads

Videos where only the headphone head is visible at all times are incredibly boring. Make it hotter, it will take time. “Look, I’m fine,” Peter asked of my expert review. We already had something drunk, so I nodded. After a few days, I was no longer tolerant. His videos had interesting content, but views can be counted on two fingers. “You will give me a marketing ploy and it will work,” he looked forward to. But it was not so simple.

Entrepreneur Stories in Lehits: How We Ended With Talking Heads

Videos can definitely do better than just sitting back and talking. Lehits entrepreneurs are creative.

The videos fall into the “talking headers” category. You definitely know them. The composer and musician in one person standing in front of the camera and talking and talking …

There must be some movement, something is going to happen there.

“Why should I keep looking at you?” I told him. “I understand you look trustworthy. But you can’t keep your eyes on a character who is barely moving for a quarter of an hour because you don’t want to!” Then I showed him I’d read the same thing, translated into text, in five minutes, saving two-thirds of the time. And if I have a podcast, I can listen to it in the car.

Lehits marketing also uses trends, but …

Peter mumbled something about the fact that videos are a trend. “Yes,” she agreed. “But there has to be some movement, something is going to happen there.” I told him about an engineering company that wanted me to evaluate their promotional video. It contained nothing but long close-ups of a robotic work tool. The drills turned there indefinitely and the lathes cut the chips.

“It was just as boring as your talking head.” I added that they received a recommendation from me to shoot footage of a practice in which their products work and draw inspiration from interviews with satisfied clients. “Instead of talking for a long time about how many products they have, I told them to put them all in a row and walk alongside them with the camera.”

Lots of music for so little money

“But I don’t have the time and money to ride the camera and do an interview,” Peter shouted. I cherished him: he could still use the pictures ( Maybe in Pixabay), Private photos, short internet videos (beware of copyright), graphics and much more. He will present a series of them that illustrate what he has to say. Sometimes they peek in between them so that the audience doesn’t forget what they look like. I added, “If you want people to watch but not listen or read, then there has to be something to watch.”

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