Cookie: Nobody cares about loyalty programs anymore? The exact opposite

I hear sometimes that loyalty programs are in decline. Nonsense. Since the beginning of the year, our chains have invested 10% more in them than last year. And it produces more than 2.16 billion crowns. Plus, Albert has created a new app and he’s not alone in getting involved and looking for new ways to reward his loyal customers. They have become a valuable commodity, because acquiring new goods is more expensive.

The intuitive marketing cookie: Doesn't anyone care about loyalty programs?  The exact opposite

Friendly relationships with clients are very important for small businesses.

Clients are coming and there is nowhere to take it so it is best to work with these traders already. This is especially true for small business owners, as they don’t have tools like chains. They can’t afford TV ads, spectacular events, and stuffed animals as a reward ( See the e-book The Secret of David’s Slingshot).

“Don’t believe your competitors are only merchants in your industry, including the online store now.”

If you are a small retailer, it is best to build your own program, which will have limited scope, to join Benefit’s network, which now includes more than 350,000 customers in the Czech Republic alone (and 12 million worldwide.).

The loyalty program itself has a limited reach

Why is my loyalty program limited? If you are not doing large scale advertising, you can only offer membership in your program to people who actually go to your store. While at Network software All concerned clients are aware of you. So in our case, more than 350 thousand people (and about 450 thousand in Slovakia). If you focus on tourism (and hopefully), you can count on Benefit members from Germany, Austria, Poland, etc.

How will they find you? Let’s show it in a specific case. A customer is on a trip, let’s want to buy groceries or eat at a restaurant, so he gets his Benefit rewards. The application will search for shops or restaurants in the area, select them and the navigation will take them to the door. You can also choose between them according to the amount of benefits.

but that is not all. Of course, loyalty isn’t just via the app or the card. It comes down to more. I will give you “more” of my years of experience and knowledge of a customer loyalty expert.

The reopening of stores will intensify competition. Don’t believe your competitors are only merchants in your industry, including the online store now. People have learned to save, so you’ll be fighting for a customer’s crown with every other store and restaurant and everything they can spend money on. Prepare for this and try to retain your customers as much as possible.

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