Cookie: Will you wait for customers now in vain or will you take them back?

Waiting for customers in a darkened store or restaurant is not a good idea. “I was sitting here all day and almost no one came,” the businessman told the journalist when the stores reopened last spring. The same is now threatening. What’s more, because meanwhile the field is dominated by e-stores, that you don’t have to worry about sales restrictions. To survive, you have to be proactive and win back your customers.

The intuitive marketing cookie: Will you wait for customers now in vain, or will you bring them back?

Don’t wait for clients to arrive. You will not see it. Actively start getting it back.

The current shutdown has lasted or will last longer, and the entrepreneurial reserves have been depleted. And let’s also add the aforementioned start for e-stores. It turns out that If you are not active, You could end up at a time when nothing is stopping you from doing business.

“When you leave a customer’s mind blank, information and offers from competitors enter it easily.”

Last year, when I convinced the owners of closed stores and restaurants of the importance of communicating with their regular customers, they nodded. Then came the release, and was soon forgotten. Long-range communication was considered a suitable tool for shutdown. And they thought someone else would never come.

When he got back here again, they tore their hair out again as there was no contact between them. Will the situation be repeated now that they opened? I’m sure many of them do. But what about you? You want to join entrepreneurs who sit all day and wait for someone to come or have fun Make the opening the starting line Then you start doing it differently?

How? Use the website not only to report but also to make communications through newsletters ( See also the article The newsletters are back, and learn how to use them to boost sales). Get smart with social networks. Communicate with customers, even if they are not in your store or restaurant, by email and text message. Why spend time telecommuting when you definitely have enough other activities to do? Because Your customers spend their free time on the Internet. They turn on the computer in the afternoon or evening, and when you are not there, they are sure to find plenty of competitors to entertain and inform.

In the event of a flood, it is recommended to fill the house with clean water. Dirty will not be pushed on from the outside. It is similar to communicating with a customer. When you leave his mind blank, enter competition information and offers easily. And he won’t even sigh after you.

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