Data is the currency of the future. The next decade will define business leaders

Watch how data and its use will affect the formation of businesses in the years 2020-2030

For years, companies and organizations all over the world have been collecting and evaluating data according to different algorithms. Trends are determined by tech giants and large companies that have enough capital, capacity and interest to invest in new technologies. Thanks to new modern technologies, they acquire a huge amount of information, which they can adequately process, control and use.

Bisnode Trends 2020-2030The revolution in the use of data has already begun. However, many were surprised by it. The vast amount of data flooding us seems incomprehensible and confusing. Bisnode, the leading provider of economic analytics and information, has released a comprehensive report that provides guidance on how to look at what to expect in the next decade and how the use of data will change the face of business. Message “Looking forward to the next decade of data and business” It shows where we are today and what business opportunities we can expect in the future.

One thing is for sure. In a highly competitive environment, only those who want to be a part of the future era and adapt their business to new trends will succeed and will not be afraid to use data properly. On the contrary, those who remain uncertain, stay in the background and doubt the opportunities that the new age offers them, will be left behind.

Find out which areas will be affected the most by using data in the next 10 years:

  • Industry 4.0 and the goal of taming unstructured data
  • Use of data in retail, banking, finance or transportation
  • The data will influence the company’s management and managers’ decisions المدير
  • Data and privacy

Read more in Bisnode’s report on the impact of data on business formation in 2020-2030. You can download the report Looking Toward the Next Decade of Data and Business in English here:

Download data futures report

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