Do you want higher sales throughout the year? Take advantage of the season

The seasons are disturbed by the monotony that otherwise makes the store a factory shopper. Therefore, use it as often as possible. Every merchant knows how to decorate a Christmas store. Or at least he thinks the inflatable polystyrene and Santa foil he pulls from his warehouse every year is the right solution. Or something similar to Easter. But the fall? Most of them don’t even understand why they should mention it at all.

Season in store will increase sales reliably

Lehits marketing is related to diversity and customer experience.

What is the interesting thing about it and how should it be Affects customers’ willingness to spend more? And if you can really sell more with it, why do you decorate the store?

Let’s first consider why autumn is already confirmed. In the store, we are accustomed to drawing attention to Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas, because these are holidays that we can use commercially (although their main purpose is something else). However, the seasons are useless from this point of view. How should they get customers to buy something?

“Did you notice how the seasons disappeared from the stores?”

Seasons breaks the stereotype and thus increases sales

Noticed how Seasons disappeared from storesAccording to the seasons? We have winter tomatoes and strawberries, and we buy coats and skis at spring sales. The passage of time is ultimately governed by action. This is a shame, because customers stop perceiving the rhythm of change. After all, there’s something cheaper every day, so why should they consider it. They used to say: It’s autumn, I should buy a coat and shoes … And they really have plums for dumplings? Today they watch: What is the job?

If the events are isolated, the agents will cope and their reactions will be stronger. However, this creates a stereotype that no longer appeals to anyone. Just as residents of big cities are accustomed to the constant noise of cars and trams, so customers are accustomed to calling events. Traders then have no choice but to increase the discount percentage to attract at least some interest. On the radio or television, there are many commercials that are pronounced out loud.

We are used to changing seasons

However, we still have the seasons changing. This discrepancy affects the mood of the customers. In fact, they have nothing to look forward to, what to expect, and what to decide. Time passes like a boring highway from Easter to Christmas, nothing in between. If you bring customers back to season, including autumn season, it will be reflected in their willingness to buy related goods. That’s why fall is worth remembering.

How do I do it? Just think about this time of year. Some of you may have to go back to their childhood because your fall is narrowed by the weather and outside temperature. However, they include colorful and deciduous leaves, branches, chestnuts, garden fruits, and rowan. All of this, of course, is a feast for the eyes. However, the more senses you are, the more you will like clients. It will, in turn, be concerned with influencing purchasing decisions ( See also the article How many senses do we have? One?).

What looks, according to intuitive marketing, is like the fall ornament he sells

  • You can either use real fruits or aromatic lamps with suitable scents to influence your sense of smell. Consider (of course according to the assortment) rotting leaves, the scent of raw clay, and faded flowers.
  • The touch is influenced by the natural materials associated with the harvest: gray bags, wooden boxes for fruits, bamboo baskets.
  • You can play country music or similar music to hear it.

In decorations you should prefer real materials. Posters and flyers, if necessary, complete the general configuration. In themselves they are inanimate, flat, and do not smell at all.

You can then constantly add other events to the overall autumn decoration, such as the start of school, memorialization of the dead, etc., including local events.

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