Entrepreneur stories: How to get rid of the restaurant curse

It pays to know how customers think and what they are interacting with. Thus you can understand and solve complete puzzles in their behavior, like this riddle. The owner of the restaurant had circles under his eyes and looked very tired. “Do you believe in curses?” He asked me at first when we sat at a table at work. I shrugged. I wanted to say something, but despite the loud music sounding in the room, I couldn’t be heard. I asked the waiter who brought us mineral water to mute it. He shrugged and turned the Control knob slightly.

Entrepreneur stories: a damned restaurant.  The owner asked for advice from expert Milos Toman

Knowledge of customer psychology is almost mandatory for entrepreneurs who want to be successful. In intuitive marketing for sure.

“Recently, guests have been complaining that our food is hurting their stomachs. We completely cleared the kitchen, checked the ingredients, controlled everything, nothing. It’s happening. It’s as if someone swallowed.”
“When did it start?” I asked.
“It’s been about half a year.”
“And how long do you have that loud radio here?”
“It’s been a long time here … But it is true that when the waiter Marek who served us came, he made the sound louder. Sometimes I ask him to turn it off, but in five minutes it is again.”

I said, “No curse.”

I said, “No curse.” “It’s Marek’s fault.”
“Do you think it does not follow hygiene? Or what?”
“There is no cleanliness,” she noted. “They are playing the radio loudly.”
The owner of the restaurant rolled his eyes.

“It’s easy,” I explained. “For our instincts, noise is dangerous. The body is preparing to respond. It pumps adrenaline into the blood. Digestion stops. So when a deaf customer stumbles from your restaurant, lunch falls like a stone in his stomach.”

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