How about customers reluctant to finally let you win

Customers who haven’t made a decision yet are also customers. And you need to work with them. “Two out of every hundred people will buy from you. But most companies focus on their business, but only the two, but what about the rest? If these people don’t spend money on you now, then they can in the future,” Avinash Kushik’s voice can be heard at the Marketing Festival. It seems to be the biggest problem in Czech internet business, but it is also outside of it.

For clients who are not yet mature

Lehits entrepreneurs know undecided clients can do that tomorrow. That is why they look at them.

Everyone would like to reap now Because of this approach, 98% of customers remain like unripe apples in the tree and are picked by someone else. If you want better business success, then you have to do something about it.

Reminds me of a tale from ancient times:
The merchant tempts: “Come buy something, little sir.”
“When I don’t have the money.”
“So don’t hide in here and get out of here, bruised boy!”

But you need to be ‘blocked’ by your customers for as long as possible.

Keep clients

But you need to be “blacked out” by your customers for as long as possible. This increases the likelihood that when they want to buy, they will turn to you. What alternatives do you have? If you do business on the Internet, chances are they are just browser bookmarks and a leading position in search engines. The first is very unreliable, and the second is very expensive.

So it’s about expanding the care you (possibly) give your clients to non-clients. Mostly it is Stop constantly encouraging them to buy. There is an assumption that if you bomb it with “limited-time” offers persistently and intensely enough, it will finally allow one day, but do you have such an experience? Are you really one hundred percent? In intuitive marketing, we know that success doesn’t come until the next day.

Create ‘sticky’ networks

You have quite a few tools to maintain enough interest, even if you don’t dare skip the internet. A website with high-quality content, social networks, newsletters, discussions, emails, you just need to connect to a single network that will keep non-customers like your aviation network. Of course it doesn’t suck them up. The goal is to get their attention. On the one hand, so as not to flinch from the competition, and on the other hand, I definitely go to you and of course at the moment when they really want to buy ( Also read in the book Lehits for the 21st Century).

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