How Marketing Strategies Work

The key to creating a good strategy is to find a different perspective for your business or industry. Several books have been written on the topic of marketing strategies, and it seems there is no shortage of specific instructions and examples. But this is the stumbling block. The described formulas do not primarily work because they have already been used one or more times. Perhaps it could be applied in a completely different field, but then it still needed a creative tweak.

How Marketing Strategies Work

Lehits entrepreneurs cannot do without strategies. Especially without an intuitive marketing success strategy.

Thus, it turns out that strategic thinking and, above all, innovative thinking is more important than knowledge of actions. Truly successful people create strategies and implement them intuitively.

So you should be creative with the examples: change them so that your new strategy emerges. Let’s look at some examples:

When price comes the first strategy

Baťa achieved low prices and good quality due to Throwing too many shoes. We know this from textbooks, as this and similar examples typically illustrate the focus on serial and mass production (however, little is known that the other side of the same coin was an ideal cost calculation, which many manufacturers only dream of today, though That they have modern computer technology). We have these fixed samples so we choose either “low prices for the largest number of customers” or “high prices for a limited number of customers”.

“Successful people first have a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve, and then they look for the right tools.”

Unfortunately, this is exactly what most of the competitors in this field think. If you are not the best, the cheapest or the richest, the aforementioned template will not be very good for you. But let’s ask ourselves the question: Should lower prices necessarily relate to a large number of customers? In one company, we responded by focusing only on clients of a certain size. Thanks to this, it reduced the cost of servicing small customers, which basically increased transportation costs. Therefore, the company was able to offer lower prices than its volume-focused competitors.
They can be similar It also operates on a regional scale. Lower prices will allow you to gain more local customers, and if you resist the temptation to acquire other customers from the other end of the republic, your costs will be kept at a good level.

Surprise and discovery strategies

You definitely know farm boxes, a concept based on the fact that local farmers will bring you vegetables straight from the field. Since it’s a seasonal affair, you don’t know exactly what you’ll find in the box. I recently came across an offer from a company that kept this form but changed its content. She sends the wines and olive oils. Therefore, it does not depend on connections “from the neighborhood”, but on chance and surprise, which is second only to farmers. Its customers are not people who love fresh food, but they love to discover and experiment ( See also the article Why do you sell farm produce?).

Strategies for changing priorities

Another option is to expand or complete Change the distribution method. If your product does not excel at anything special, the focus of the strategy can shift here. For example, a frozen pizza company might create an original network of “handheld” food stalls in addition to (or instead of) deliveries to supermarkets. The bakery set up fast food as it used its products.
In one of his books, Evan Borisch described the case of a Canadian dairy company that set up small stores to sell its products. These eventually turned into a regular chain of stores, offering everything a customer could need when it was already closed elsewhere.

Sometimes it may happen that the minor and neglected part of your job becomes the main part. The American company Walgreens originally operated a network of premium restaurants. Since 1975, it has been a chain of self-service pharmacies selling high value-added goods and services. Sure, this decision required a great deal of courage: before the change, that restaurant company had five hundred.

Specialization strategy

Another way to create an original strategy specialty. You can choose only a narrow part from the extensive list – but then you’ll instantly deepen and complete it. Let’s decide to focus only on computer printers, but in this field you offer a lot more than others in one place: plus supplies, leasing, service, consulting, etc. This choice will usually make you an expert in the eyes of clients. You can focus on one thing and thus learn more about it.

Likewise, you can narrow down the group of clients you serve, but then you can offer more. For example, by offering to outsource activities that clients have undertaken themselves thus far, and it never crossed their mind that they could be assigned to someone else. Focusing on attention will allow you to easily find and use these places. To be sure, it is easier to provide services of this kind to a particular group than to “every” an indifferent customer.
Or just the opposite: Australian company Casella Wines succeeded in the US because it offered the connoisseurs a “drink” of the brand rather than the branded wine. [yellow tail] For everyone ( You can read more about it in the book Blue Ocean Strategy).

Marketing strategy requires a vision

Although this conclusion can be made, the original strategy wasn’t created by simply putting ingrained habits in your head. After all, only one person can do it, and the others will either get there, or get back to the start with a double whammy. In addition to mechanical operations, strategy also requires a “soul”: vision, design … and this distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs. First, they are clear about what they want to achieve, then they look for the right tools. Including the original strategies.

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