How sales increase tastefully by tens of percent

According to surveys, one in three Czechs would welcome an expanded gastronomic spectrum, and that opinion has remained the same for years.So far, this type of promotion and sales support not only annoys and repels customers, as is the case with TV ads, but also with posts thrown into mailboxes. However, you can often meet stalls that customers pass around without interest.

How to make a taste for sale

Lehits entrepreneurs are looking for ways to promote that aren’t widely used. The more they are distinguished.

Or they might stop, and sometimes taste it, but that’s the end of it – they thank and go. So it’s not the case that tasting is the same as tasting, and if you want it to make sense, you have to get it right.

I recently came across several macro booths so I can notice how the approach of individual performers differs. One of them invited passers-by calmly and shyly to taste it, the other did not say anything and waited for someone to stop by themselves. The third shouted gleefully at the customers, and the fourth seemed to be addressing her acquaintances just to chat. However, I missed the professional among them.

“Although it may seem like it is, the purpose of tasting is not to give a taste.”

How to do it according to intuitive marketing to sell a taste

The first mistake that has a negative impact on the interest of shoppers is tagging the platform. Usually its design is standardized, which can save costs, but this is probably the only advantage. Usually the company or product designation is listed in the top front. From a customer traffic point of view (unless it’s perpendicular to the rack), this information is almost invisible.

Of course, this does not usually affect the player, but there are other things that affect it. Notice As is usually the presentation:
“Don’t you want to taste our Tu and Tu coffee?”
“Isn’t it? Then give it to me.”
“not bad…”
“goodbye, then.”

The purpose of savoring is not just tasting

Although it may seem like it is, the purpose of tasting is not to give a taste. This is just an excuse to give the customer enough arguments for their next (or immediate) purchase decision. Therefore, the employees cannot be satisfied with the fact that the customer likes it.
The practice is shown by the often used appellation of the rack operator as “stewardess”. In fact, he should be a highly qualified person. Not only because he needs to know something about the product, but also because he has to master customer communication prowess.

First of all it has to be savored Fully prepared. An effective psychological chain must be “configured” for the customer. Take the example in TV stores: As they graduate, they add new and fresh arguments and additions, until they finally ask the customer not to hesitate. The same goes for tasting. It’s essential to collect more and more information and also something the customer takes with them: recipes, small samples, time-limited coupons, printed information, and promotional items. And not in one heap, but rather well interspersed with arguments and serving one after the other.

Discuss while tasting

Plus, unlike a TV screen, savoring has an advantage You can discuss directly with people. But, of course, employees must also be prepared for this, and not everyone can do this. So the choice of people is crucial. However, it often seems like the company has sent someone they could miss. Or a young lady who thinks she can attract more men to taste it.
Encouraging discussion so that the conversation is natural and not desperate for sale is an art. The art in particular is creating groups of clients on the platform, who will discuss with each other and share experiences with each other. Of course, such a situation is highly desirable because there is nothing better that attracts attention ( Also read information about the book Shop smartly).

However, the discussion itself is not what is expected of the gastrulation. So it is essential to set a goal at the beginning. What brings me a taste? Increase sales of certain merchandise? More store attendance? Customer awareness that I have interesting products and news? Consider this before you begin gastrulation and adjust its pathway to your goal.

The timing of your savoring is also important

Care must also be taken to ensure the timing is correct. It makes no sense to offer a sparkling wine tasting at ten in the morning, as you have already seen. Especially in the supermarket that can only be reached by car.

Someone might get a driver to sample it (but not in the morning). But he has to know the taste in advance. Here’s another typical mess. The customer will not discover the event in advance, although most stores have sufficient funds for this (from store windows to posts). If you announced tasting in advance, You can take it more generously And make it more than just a suffering booth in the corner.

Therefore, the success of gastronomy is decided by both parties: both the regulator, the supplier, and the merchant, who places it under his “roof.” Agreeing with everything and at any given moment is not merely worth buying obstacles. Store owners must choose the level and above all else evaluate it.

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