How sales reps are denying you customers and how to stop them from doing so

In a service store, it is the salespeople who decide the results. Therefore, teach them to sell actively and positively. On each visit, the customer receives much more information than we admit. The rest of the stickers on the display case glass, the dirt in the corner, the seller’s shirt with a provocative inscription – all this and thousands of other signals leave the final impression on the customer’s brain.

3 ways sales reps deny you and how to prevent it

Lehits entrepreneurs know how important sales people are to sales and filling out a store. Therefore, they attach great importance to their education and motivation.

However, it does not take the form of “they have poster displays,” but rather it is expressed as “good”, “bad”, “something not for me” and the like. Understand: Such an impression is difficult to correct when the customer does not know what and how he contributed to it. He only knows the result, you only know the result.

So the customer has no authority (nor reason) to change anything. Impact you, not with flashy ads, but subtly Details mentioned.

“The customer has no authority to change anything.”

Staff well dressed

So don’t underestimate the details or the sellers clothing. It is not a matter of cramming them into uniform against their will. The uniform was originally created due to the need to distinguish between warriors of opposing sides, when they mingled with each other in the heat of battle. So it’s not all about what you look like, the important thing is that they all have the same characteristics.

So why if the sales force is wearing a yellow shirt and green shorts, why not? Or maybe he wears a suit with a tie. It is important that the clothes are similar and match the environment of the store.

The music should be sold

Another bad habit is music. Not of course in and of itself, many research papers indicate that music has a positive effect on customers, but loud music, does not match the style of the store and annoys the customer.

Why do I say music should sell? Research has found that in-store music influences shopping decisions. For example, playing classical music increased sales of more expensive goods. When the French chanson appeared, the customers bought more French wine. So it absolutely doesn’t matter what you play in the store.

In many stores you can hear a local commercial station or “successful” radio, where there is an advertisement every five minutes. Store owners understand that instead of focusing on their offerings, it’s the customers Watch out for foreign ads? Are they promoting other companies or even competitors for free?

All this “bad” music has one goal: to entertain a bored salesman and help him cope with the horrific long work time. It definitely feels like something is wrong – your sales reps should focus on selling and not peek after hours when you finally drop. Therefore inappropriate music is a symptom, just as a fever indicates that there is something wrong with the body.

Who is Most Important in Lehits: Seller or Customer?

The common argument is that they are not human and it is best not to anger the lowly motivated and highly paid sellers so that they don’t go anywhere else. So shopkeepers put up with the dirty apron or roam the radio to their liking. The solution is similar to the question of whether it is a chicken or an egg. But one thing is for sure, if you want to have a chicken, you need to take care of the eggs first. If you want to get paid so you can better pay your sales reps and gain a really qualified force, then you have to make money from it. Which Meet clients’ needs and make a deal for them Not for sellers.

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