How the herd effect will significantly increase your sales

People love to imitate others, do what they do, and buy what others buy. So, show hesitant customers that others have already decided and bought. Yesterday I was driving around a car showroom and saw the words “buy me” in the car shown in front of it. It’s a little more creative than if the default price were big numbers. But it still doesn’t take much. Perhaps there will not be many people accustomed to obeying orders and will immediately head to the cash register.

Use the herd effect to increase sales

People love to do what other people do. Tell them what other people have bought, and they will, too. This is how successful intuitive entrepreneurs do it.

But when we know what’s on the minds of clients, We can create more effective promotion. And the best part is that it shouldn’t cost us nearly anything. Just stop thinking about “what I want” (selling of course), but “what the customer wants” and what they really hear.

Few people can afford to wipe their clients’ heads. But it suffices to obtain information from those who have already done so. One of these interesting findings is that people do not feel good when they do something different from others. For example, teens feel intense remorse when they differ in musical taste from their peers ( Martin Lindstrom writes about it in a book Buy the flag). On the contrary, most of the customers like to access the goods that others have already bought. He sees the certainty that he will not buy bad. We call it the herd effect.

I want what my neighbor has

So imagine placing a stand with an inscription next to the car 89 people in our city have already bought this model (This should, of course, be true.) A potential customer begins to think: “When there is such interest in him, it means that he is good, comfortable and proven.” Pictures of competing cars quickly begin to fade into his head.

“People simply prefer what other people have already bought.”

Of course, we can use this method in many areas. Let’s say, “We have already sold 500 copies of this book.” Please note, it is always better to talk about local conditions. It’s closer to customers than the information that 50,000 people in Germany bought the same leaflet. You could write in the grocery store: “We sell 250 pieces of this jam every month.” Thus, for example, for the three types of merchandise in a store.

Would you only get a slight increase in sales of a specific book, chair, or jam? No, because clients will start you at the same time He considers him a successful businessmanWho sell a lot.

We use great references for intuitive marketing

In business between companies it is customary to use references. Unfortunately, this is often just a “satisfied” client list. Many clients cannot imagine anything specific underneath it, especially when they do not know the companies involved. A simple trick will help you put three selected references first, where you will briefly describe what you benefited from from the client and how you solved their problem ( Also see the e-book Sell ​​intuitive marketing).

If you’re attracted to a video, don’t shoot it on Our Great Products, but show how your products work with customers, including their personal reviews and recommendations. If you want some important information about what it has to offer, do so imaginatively and visually (it’s a video). For example, I advised one company rather than explaining in a long and tedious way how many types of products it produces They all lined up in the yard And he walked with her with the camera.

Reliable recommendation

A simple idea helped the American company, Jackson & Perkins To become the largest rose farmer in the world. This was due to the annual “Rose of the Year” rating, in which the quality was rated by customers. The winning collection of Rose of the Year was not only publicity, but was also reliably recommended to all shoppers.
To ensure the same effect, you don’t need to accumulate a commission and find clients for it. You can either take a simple vote (supported by a bonus when you finally draw the answers), or you can become the evaluator yourself.

I know a businesswoman who sells cosmetics and has personal experience with it. Such a recommendation will definitely gain weight. Likewise, you can present your picks books, farm greens, and T-shirts to clients, I don’t know what else. It works almost everywhere.

For intuitive entrepreneurs, the herd effect increases sales

Finally, let’s repeat again what the principle is. It is an instinctive following of others, which we also call the “herd effect”. People simply prefer what other people have already bought. If you buy a lot of it and it’s known, a fashion wave pops up, sometimes it’s just too wild. Therefore it is essential in the field of marketing to pass on this information to the customers. When you do that, you increase sales. But someone might consider it completely unethical. But the intuitive entrepreneur knows he offers nothing less than that, he gives customers what they want, and usually more than that. So why not get more clients?

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