How to boost customer loyalty and make money from it

How to strengthen customer loyalty? Start talking to them differently. Recently, I was standing in line in front of the Tesco supermarket exit. For a long time I watched people offer their Clubcard. Automatic transactions for both clients and cashiers. But it has a benefit. They also offer loyalty cards in Kaufland or Penny, for example. You cannot accept this in your store.

How to boost customer loyalty and make money from it

Lehits entrepreneurs know that customers aren’t loyal to cards or stores, but to the atmosphere they’re in. That is why they are working on it with all their might.

Automation is good, no doubt about that. The customer takes the loyalty card as part of the purchase. He won’t forget it in his pocket, nor say he can cough. But you cannot be satisfied with that interchangeability, by using a card between stores and finding who will give more actions.

“Engaged customers feel the need to talk about you.”

So what is the purpose of the loyalty program? It’s like a school notebook. The student cannot do without it, but he will not learn to write on his own. You need a loyalty program as a basis (you want to know who your loyal customer is), but loyalty doesn’t do itself. Although it is called so.

The YMCA was convinced that it would be best to get customers to visit gyms frequently by providing them with the latest equipment. But it didn’t work well. So they commissioned research, and it found that loyalty is determined by something entirely different. Most of the respondents said the most important thing was that the fitness center staff knew them and addressed them by name. Another is that they meet the same people at the gym and thus feel comfortable there.

What makes true devotion must belong somewhere. It is one of the most powerful human needs. Prehistoric people knew that when they stepped away from the gang, death awaited them. We keep this in mind to this day. That is why people join various associations. And yes, that’s why they are on social media. This is simply a force that you cannot ignore. So if you want to have a full store Also see the e-book Lehits in-store marketing.

Obviously, you will not fulfill the need to belong to a place by giving people a card. It has over 1 million customers in Kaufland, and that’s a community that one doesn’t even consider close. Benefits are also not what unites people. So what? Let’s take a look at the aforementioned social networks. People relate according to attitudes and opinions.

It’s called a community. It is based on an idea. Low prices or benefits are not an idea. Actions are not an idea. Everyone has them, or so they say. So what idea is working? Take health food stores, for example. People go there with a certain opinion about life. To the bike store, too. And to IKEA. And I’m not talking about the Apple Store, it’s obvious there.

Do it differently for strings

What can you do about it? Otherwise flourished. Start with yourself. Find out the reason for your desireAs Simon Sink says. The idea of ​​the Apple Store did not arise on its own. Rather, it had its origins in the attitudes of Steve Jobs. So in the beginning, you have to know what your idea is. You might be saying now that good items sell well at good prices. But this is the answer to the question of how to do it. Not why you do that. So think and search in your mind.

Once clear, pass on this idea to your customers. Inspire them to her. If it brings them anything positive, they definitely won’t mind. Do you want an example?

A rural grocery store owner told me that she felt the need to connect the locals, build friendly relationships and improve their lives. This idea seems to have nothing to do with sales and profits. But it was enough to look at a competitor’s store nearby, as they didn’t have that need. Already on the peeling front and the rusty barrier, it was clear that she was not doing well.

So the entrepreneur encourages the community to take action and encourages it in turn. The business woman was constantly coming up with new services and ways to better take care of clients.

What is in this case Especially important and valuableParticipating clients feel the need to talk about it. Among your relatives and acquaintances on social networks. Advertising has a big impact, but it’s free for you.

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