How to Do Good Marketing: Think like your customers and it’ll instantly appear

It is like a radio. If you want your customers to understand you, you need to be on the same page with them. Learn how to do it. Recently I saw some examples of Bata ads from the interwar period. It’s surprising how simple it is. One of these ads says “To work in the spring” and offers tough work shoes for Baťa’s price of 39 CZK. I wonder how we might think about it today. The polite young man was jumping off a shiny tractor. But a very modest girl.

How to Do Good Lehits: Get down to customers

Lehits marketing is based on friendship with customers equally.

Bohuš and the radio from Heritage or Kurvahošigutntág, who felt everywhere at home, is more than an exception. Bring a tractor driver to Paris and he’ll be fidgeting. The same goes for advertising. We respond to a question about us, about people like us.

“Customers pay the most attention to the advertisement that addresses them in their language.”

Lehits recommends: Get down to customers

Thomas Bata, although not taught, was a very good psychologist. Autonomy in his workshop is considered an unprecedented achievement in this regard. But it was also reflected in the ads. She didn’t try to dazzle or play the luxury. It wasn’t Baťa’s shoes for the top ten thousand, so the ad focused on the regular people who bought the company’s products, like in this example:

Times have changed, but something has survived. It is still true that customers pay the most attention to the advertisement that speaks to them in their language and in their environment. Because there he feels natural and relaxed. This is an ideal case for thinking and shopping. Unfortunately, the current ad does not perform well. It wastes antiquities and luxury. The creators say they must be interested. But is the aim of the advertisement to dazzle or to sell?

Of course, the advertisement should attract attention. But people will notice exactly that This is for them and for them. That someone thinks of them. They also feel that you are their man.

So don’t try to cheat your marketing and advertising too much, thinking that customers will appreciate you more. It turns out as if the seller comes to a meeting in a luxury car and an expensive watch flashes in his hand. He is convinced that the client will consider him capable and successful, but he will believe that he will be the one who will pay for this luxury.

Don’t satisfy yourself, but clients

I recently saw information from a company on Facebook. “We had fun and bought a good car,” said a new service truck in the photo. However, the customer prefers to hear how they will benefit. The same goes for advertising. Instead of making an impression, offer solutions to specific customer needs.

Marketing and advertising for companies large and small differs in this. Companies pay big bucks for an image, without wondering too much if it will also yield practical sales results. Small business owners cannot afford this. Everything should go on sale. Of course, in such a form that he shouts everything “Buy, buy!” But you should always think in advance about how this will contribute to profits. Marketing expenses should not be costs, but investments.

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