How to find a foolproof guide to business success in a cave

The daily decisions of ordinary people reach 90% instinctive. So it is very important to know how to influence them in the store. A gang of Neanderthals hung in ragged and smelly furs, they sit in front of a cave. Somehow we imagine our ancient ancestors. But most of us have no idea how much we’ve inherited from them. Especially when it comes to instincts.

Are you looking for business success?  You will find it in a cave

Lehits entrepreneurs like to use information when people are making decisions. Therefore, they don’t have to waste money on ineffective ads.

The popular saying goes, “You can’t see people’s heads.” We can hardly say for sure that we know what is on our customers’ minds. But that does not mean that we are completely ignorant and the customer is like a black box to us. Lehits marketing has revealed a lot. So let’s see what the cave is hiding.

Who lives in the cave?

“Is there a man with whom I arranged to exchange a flint knife for a piece of mammoth? An enemy gang of cannibals? Or a cave bear?” Somehow our hairy ancestor must have thought. This is why he does not rush into the cave, especially when he cannot see it. Those who have an ivy-covered doorway prefer to go around a fine arch.

Today, a person could be our customer walking down the street and seeing store windows covered with foil, doors affixed to signs and advertisements, and darkness in stores not appearing in them. Although we now call ourselves Homo sapiens (a very wise man), instincts have the upper hand in decision-making. And they say that there can be a bear in a cave where it is not visible. And he’s already in control of his legs to cross the street.

What is with this? I know it’s not common, but if you want street agents to come to you, they have to be seen in store. So consider whether it is important to have more space (when the shelves are near the shop window) and fewer customers, or vice versa.

Friend or foe?

After all, our prehistoric man decided to enter the cave. Few people found there. Are they friends or enemies? Will they deal with it or will they have it for dinner? How do you know so quickly? He looks at their faces. When they look cute and smile, they probably won’t be enemies. Prehistoric sighs and begins to bargain ( See the article for more information Do you want better results? Focus on your instincts

Now let’s move on to the current store. Most of the salespeople seem angry and even smile after a smile. The mind might say that the lady behind the table has had a difficult day, or that she is in trouble with the children, but her instinct is faster and decides: “She is the enemy!” So the customer buys with chills in the back. Of course, it only takes the basics and hears any other commodity recommendations. I estimate the loss in sales for the term salespersons of 30 percent or more.

What is with this? Another unpopular opinion: It is not enough for sellers to be able to deliver goods. They must also be able to communicate with clients. And they will not learn it by themselves. It’s up to you.

They don’t have much

When a primitive man looks around the cave, he discovers that there is not much to see. The man who gave him a piece of mammoth claimed to have piles of meat in it. And by the way, it might be the last. Does it look like that to him or is he really playing green? Perhaps there will be nothing from the store.

Another croissant is at the bottom of the basket between the crumbs, holes in the shelves for selected items. A customer has a legitimate feeling (actually an instinctive reaction) that only the worst merchandise that no one wants is left in the store. So he doesn’t want it either …

What is with this? Don’t leave empty spaces in the shop. The good news is that replenishing merchandise attracts customers’ attention. Like any movement (it’s again an instinctive reaction). According to the research, people are buying more goods that were just added.

It is safe in the gang

The old man returned home empty-handed. She is hungry. At home, he found a pile of berries he had never seen before. But they all nibble on, clap and lick. They said they found the same thing a week ago. So it is most likely neither bitter nor poisonous. He will also marry.

Even modern people put what others do and buy. It really manifests itself in the display of the store, as I mentioned. When they see that the store is full, they will likely fit in as well. The second important fact is that people like to buy what other people have bought. In some restaurants, they described a dish on the menu as “extremely popular” and increased demand for it by 10 to 20 percent.

What is with this? In the store, you can also mark merchandise as “This week’s hottest” or, for example, “Others prefer to buy”, etc. The merchandise does not have to be in operation and it will increase its sales anyway.

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