How to get the most out of it: Eliminate ads from bars and start selling actively

Advertising in restaurants is useless. Your prosperity is determined by how you care for your customers and how actively you introduce them. “Go somewhere with this scrap!” In this way, the current position of bars and restaurants can be expressed from the promotional materials provided by the suppliers. Posters, nightstand and all sorts of useless things. Companies finally realize that this advertisement serves the needs of suppliers, but not theirs.

Get rid of ads from bars and start showing actively

The old methods of advertising no longer work. So don’t rely on them and do it differently. According to intuitive marketing.

This is usually because the brands being promoted sell more, but some sell less, so the result is zero growth. At best. Bar owners need to promote them, not the beer they are taking advantage of. The possibilities are there and they are not complicated at all.

According to the 2017 HORECA survey, entrepreneurs perceive promotional materials from suppliers to be coercive and realize that they actually interfere with their company identity. In the eyes of customers, they are not an original company, but suppliers of a particular brand of beer or soft drink. Not only does this work well, but it’s also risky. For example, large breweries have set up their own networks of bars and restaurants, so they attract customers to individual owners because they are familiar with the brand, not the pub ( See also the article How to target the right customer).

Don’t rely on promotional materials, but talk to clients.

How to Actively Increase Sales

Are there other ways to increase sales? According to the survey, business operators have no idea what could help them, but most of them don’t know how to do it. The solution is active sales. This means not relying on promotional materials, but talking to clients. The appearance and behavior of employees, especially the ability to subtly offer and recommend, is the way to increase profits.

This is also confirmed by an experiment conducted as part of a research at a Srbsko campsite restaurant, in which active bidding by employees led to an increase in sales: for elderberry juice, Koli increased by 13%, recommendations for non-alcoholic beer Budvar B: a free increase By 7%.

According to the research, restaurant and bar owners will welcome training in this area and have no problem paying for it ( Inside the program Global Cashback + Instant Partner You get this training for free.) Of course, this depends on the level. A neglected pub operator, with employees rotating as if they were on a treadmill, might not be very interested in training. But such actions are doomed to failure.

The advertisement won’t do the job for you

It’s definitely a good idea that ads (which you still get for free) will sell you and increase your sales. But miracles do not happen, and the old custom “There are no cakes without work” comes to the fore. The key to achieving higher profits is the company’s uniqueness and the ability of employees to communicate, provide, and recommend guests. Majority of customers are in their requirements First set it to the lowest level. They want beer. Main course without anything. the cheapest. And if you don’t talk to them about their tastes and ways to completely satisfy them, they’ll stay at that bare minimum.

Is it wrong to impose something on someone? You don’t really have to force them, but recommending them is absolutely right, and that’s what entrepreneurs do in intuitive marketing. It is precisely the ads that overlap the tables. On the one hand, sales dialogue and recommendations make the guest more happy. If he has good starters, soups, and desserts, why would he regret not having eaten the originally planned main course? Keep in mind that visiting a restaurant isn’t just a way to fill your stomach, it should be To be a versatile experience. Because we can quench hunger anywhere, for example in a dirty buffet at the station. But it has nothing to do with the positive experience.

Create an environment of trust and sell actively

So, create Trust environmentGuests are happy to serve it on the recommendation of the staff. This means that employees must be able to behave well, appear trustworthy (no looks tattooed on the Marseille underworld and waitresses with mini skirts and large necklines) and they should be able to speak up. Everything is important. Of course, a customer who doesn’t trust you and your employees will only get the basics. Then the business operators claim that people have no money. this is not true. They have it, but they don’t give it to everyone. You have to start.

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