How to improve sales by jumping in to increase sales

Do you know the saying “show something in a better light”? This is exactly how it works in the store – and sells. One marketer boasted, “By lighting our merchandise, we have increased sales by more than ten percent.” However, the shopkeeper had a different opinion. “It is true that we sold more of their brands. But fewer other brands, so the result was zero.” The only way to increase sales overall is to enlighten yourself.

Low sales?  Shine on it

Lehits entrepreneurs do not hesitate to turn to where it will bring them higher sales. And they don’t care that what they have is enough for others.

After about twenty years of special stores, the most important thing was to illuminate the store so that customers could see merchandise and price tags. So basically everything was provided by fluorescent lights in the ceiling. But this is not enough today. We need it Impact customers’ attention.

“Every store should be dynamic. So it’s not uniformly lit (and monotone).”

We know from experience how strong light affects us. For example, when the sun is shining, we are in a better mood than if it is under a cloud. Then, if we emit blues with artificial lighting, we want them to have a certain color. What is more illuminated is guaranteed to attract our attention. And neon colored and shimmer? Of course, too.

To grab shoppers’ attention, you shouldn’t be boring and monotonous. Many stores today are equipped “as standard”, that is, on average. But what would customers say to you if you invited them to an average store with mid-range and mid-priced items? Obviously, he’s been turning his heels on and going somewhere else where the regular people aren’t.

Lehits marketing inspiration: Work with light

One way to bring a store to life and make shopping a better experience is to use light. Of course, it would be nice to let the sun into the shop, but since shop windows are being plastered today and natural light is being replaced by artificial light, at least improve it.

Surely you know that different light colors confirm the quality of the goods. Red shade is used for meat, and pastries are highlighted with yellow. Cool white is suitable for florists, but not suitable for hairdressers. And so it can continue. This means that you need additional lighting for individual sections of the grocery store, while in other places (for example in textiles or bookstores) one color is sufficient.

But that doesn’t mean you can do that with bodies on the ceiling. Every store should be dynamic. So it does not light up uniformly (and monotonously). You need to combine places with regular lighting and other places that light more strongly, or with a different color. The ideal system allows you to move and direct the lights as needed. For example, hot news ( Read also Reaching out to all of clients’ senses and achieving unexpected success)

And of course, moving light also attracts attention more than anything else. but there is a problem. If you bet on repeat the action too quickly, customers won’t care, but they will annoy you. And of course, it is best to avoid flashing Christmas strings and similar lights. It is absolutely reasonable not to do this yourself and seek expert advice.

The advantage of this arrangement is that the eyes of the shoppers are directed where they want it. Just like the premium price for items in action. The joke is that the goods you light up may not work at all, yet people will notice and buy them.

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