How to increase sales: Always be where sales are determined

The foundation of business success doesn’t have to be everywhere, but where decisions are made about sales and money. So, focus on the basics. I know the owner of a guesthouse with a restaurant. Seven days a week he swings like a bee, goes shopping, takes laundry to the laundry, drinks beer, and helps out in the kitchen. However, it works this way, and every problem that arises (like pre-EET time) threatens it. Our business world seems unfair to people who are not afraid to work and do everything from morning to night to please their customers. However, his results are inevitable, and he can change any luck rather than his own efforts.

A successful entrepreneur is where money is actually being made

Lehits entrepreneurs are especially where money is set. The rest can be done by someone else.

For him and people like him, process guarantee is all business. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

I call them “the operators”. They make sure everything is fine, guests eat breakfast on time and hot, shoppers found shelves full of merchandise and there was an event. They see marketing as something they can afford when they are making more money. As a result, they acquire customers in the most affordable way. Commissions are paid to the booking portals, but rather they have to submit half the price to the discount gates. Of course, in the hope that the customer will come for the second and third time. They can’t wait because that kind of people just go for discounts.

“Ironically, people whose businesses make almost no profit pay for the most expensive marketing.”

Advertising: You pay and wait to see how it turns out

It does not disagree with the advertisement. You pay and wait for it to happen. Often the result is absolute zero. Some time ago, a company manager wrote to me. A representative of an advertising agency convinced him to give the full annual budget for radio ads, which were their floor. It has nearly gone bankrupt because not a single new customer has responded to the radio advertisement and no longer has the money for more promotion. There’s a lot of talk right now about advertising on Google, as it’s a guarantee of success. But the crux of the problem is not whether the advertisement is in the newspaper or on the Internet, but how many advertisers are around you. There are simply too many ads and they are no longer seen by customers ( Also in the article How does advertising work for you?)

Ironically, the people whose businesses are almost not profitable Most Expensive Marketing Pays Off, Even “limited liability.” Tomáš Baa wrote short messages to co-workers, i.e. employees, usually when something is wrong. Send the text to the head of the power plant, who has been taunting him sarcastically in the morning: at 7 o’clock, however, this gives you the opportunity to see things with your own eyes, because in the power plant you are a farmer who treats cattle when his groom feeds the horses.

This does not mean that entrepreneurs should wake up earlier than now. Tomáš Baťa tells us that it is pointless to run around traffic all day unless we take care of marketing and supervising it. We cannot leave something as important as marketing unattended to someone we have hired, just as a farmer cannot leave a groom in a horse without thinking about it. The wealth does not come because we sleep all day, but because we spend our activity there, Where the results are determined. And that pivot is, of course, the customer in the business.

The pensioner will find it beneficial to place bets on the reservation portal. After all, he only pays a commission after he gets to the client. This is definitely an advantage over advertising. When there are no clients, nothing is paid. But in the absence of clients, the businessman provides commissions, but remains bankrupt. And booking sites are just like ads on Google or anywhere else. There is an oversupply of shows. If you want to attract searchers, you have to come up with a low price.

Can’t be without the internet

Although it seems impossible today, many entrepreneurs still do He does not have a website yet. Or he has it, but he just can’t show it off. It was often made by a bona fide friend and, as I learned in one case, “he would be offended if we wanted to change something in him.” And it should be noted that the businessman who did not want to offend his friend is over.

Another marketing tool is social networking. It isn’t necessary or possible to always use it, but you can’t bet on it. I know Facebook literally helped him succeed, although this is not exactly an area specific to this network. However, I also know the restaurant (and you can really use Facebook), which typically posts a lunch menu every day of the week. So being on the net doesn’t mean doing it well. Nowadays, a simple principle applies to all Internet activities: It must be fun. Just as you wouldn’t buy a magazine with a local restaurant menu only or a special discount on potatoes for consumption, don’t expect people to cheer up similar information online ( They will not do that, as you will read in the article What exactly is a good Facebook website?).

In intuitive marketing, a loyal customer is better than a new customer

It is known that acquiring a new customer costs up to ten times as much as retaining an existing customer. However, many entrepreneurs spend all their money on promoting to get new customers for it. Usually because he can’t imagine getting more revenue from existing guests or shoppers. These are usually entrepreneurs with a neglected environment, inferior services and cheap goods, so the lack of quality has to be compensated for by a low price. The usual argument is that people don’t have more money. The truth is that they possess, but are not willing to spend it unnecessarily.

We can definitely boost customer loyalty with a loyalty system, but it won’t work on its own. Also, spouses are not loyal just because they have official papers. The relationship must contain content and it does not matter if it is a relationship between a man and a woman or a relationship between an entrepreneur and his customer. And another lesson we can learn from partnerships. We often commit to infidelity with people who resemble our partner. Usually because they care about us more than we get at home. The same goes for clients. They may run to a hotel or similar store that offers the same goods at the same prices, but they will go to where they are the center of attention. This is how people are created. The most important ones are not prices and supply, but care and attention.

The experience is invaluable

As was recently verified, many restaurants in tourist areas betray their guests. They think that they will never return to them, so why should they care about their own satisfaction? The fact is that tourists choose such companies recklessly, so the entrepreneurs do not bother. However, if they are interested in the experiences of others beforehand, as is the case with hotels, services, and other types of businesses, then perhaps the owners of these restaurants should quickly change their approach. Especially in the internet age, when you publish references it’s very easy.

However, the experience can be used not only to discourage visiting rogue companies, but also to encourage visitors. Personal referral is a powerful marketing toolBut then again someone who is not enough to pay and not to worry. Customer must have something to recommend. And it is not enough that he got the standard. Or have you heard someone highly recommends visiting a local grocery store, because they have rolls there even after lunch?

A good manager takes care of customers

What triggers the recommendation, in turn, is usually above the standard of care. Sincere, caring. Nothing is made, because people know it unequivocally. It should be clear from him that you want the customer to feel satisfied and satisfied. This is actually a hallmark of small and medium business marketing. They should do this so that the customer comes first. In order not to be mutilated, they must supervise it personally, even if they entrust the execution to someone else. This is the basis of success. Read more in the e-book Lehits marketing in a restaurant, It’s free.

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