How to properly ask customers to sell more

Increase sales with the right questions. However, you must be prepared for it and learn it in advance. The most common question behind the counter is “What else?” You surely realize that this isn’t exactly the best way to get a customer to consider your next offer and maybe buy something extra. Basically, you ask him what he’s ready too in his head or on paper. No inspiration, no business conversation.

How to properly ask customers to sell more

Lehits businessmen talking to their customers. They often ask them questions to learn more about their needs.

And so the seller turns into a feeder, a robot that does what it is told to. And you definitely don’t want that, even if you aren’t actively interested in active sales.

So what instead? You can use it right away Three levels of questions, Depending on how strong the saleswoman feels in communicating with the customer in the convulsions. From easiest to hardest, but of course the most effective.

The “inappropriate question” What? It can be replaced with several options.

How to sell more with intuitive marketing

the easiest Asks something like this: “What else do you like about our show?” Such a question has one merit. People easily say “I don’t want”, but not much “I don’t like it.” Especially when you are hesitant (“Should I say I don’t like anything?”), You are driving to a specific group or even a specific element.

Average difficulty It is to provide accessories. It takes a little bit of alarm. Suppose a customer buys sausage. The seller immediately asked, “Can I offer you a roll of bread, mustard, or ketchup?” Butter and jam are essential for baking. To the shirt tie and to the book Part Two or another work on the same topic ( Also in the article Category management isn’t just great).

The most difficult – Because it requires training – news viewing is active. “We have a new one here. You wanna taste it?” Of course, including demos, tastings, explanations, etc.Also preferably through discussion of goods, where not only can you get interesting results about customers’ needs but also have the opportunity to praise them for their knowledge and attitudes ( See the article Not luck and opportunity, but active sales).

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