If you want to sell, market wisely

People make decisions mainly based on instincts and emotions. When you know how it works, you have an advantage. You can do effective marketing at low cost. Who decides what to buy? Some men might say their wives (and vice versa). Children will talk about their parents. But most of us are sure that he buys completely freely. In reality, however, it is different.

If you want to sell, market wisely

Lehits entrepreneurs know that people don’t make decisions with their minds. Emotions are the most important. This is why they market differently.

Until recently, economists were convinced of this. The “economic man” is a creature whose choice depends on rational thinking. At the same time, no one asked themselves the cause of all the advertising hype, which is definitely not focused on an accurate measurement. Only the brain scanning methods produced terrifying results: We are ruled by a primitive man!

“Customers still make choices like Cro-Magnons when shopping.”

We think like a primitive man

All civilizational changes that have occurred in a relatively short time are just an intrinsic veneer of our decision-making, which has formed over hundreds of thousands of years. Such a crocodile (if we’re not talking about the older ancestors of modern man today) can’t stand in a clearinghouse full of caught game, nutritious roots and delicious fruits (the equivalent of today’s supermarkets) and find out what has the best nutritional value, the minimum. From “check” and elapsed time consumption.

If a rabbit and a deer jump out of the bush in front of him, he must decide in a fraction of a second which one to follow. A bad choice might mean 50% starvation, but the slow choice was 100% in the end. Therefore, in such cases, it was not the gray shell that decided, but the center of emotions. The reason is clear: the reason is very slow ( Read also in the article Want significantly better results? Focus on your instincts and you will get them).

Although we are using smartphones today and some have been on the internet for longer than actually, our actions have not changed over the ages. Customers still make decisions when shopping like Cro-Magnons.

Give them the illusion that they are rational

I once said in an online discussion that owners of electronic devices who have a delicious apple are primarily guided by emotions when choosing. I caught it. Everyone eagerly convinced me of technical advantages, ease of use, and other criteria. But the emotion with which they did it condemned them. They just don’t want to admit it.

So if your customers insist on making logical and rational decisions, don’t refute them. It probably won’t work anyway. But as marketers, you should be aware that the reality is different. Because that’s what will help you sell more. According to intuitive marketing, it is essential to follow this arrangement to work on clients:

  • Emotions first
  • Then the value
  • Finally a rational justification

The first step is the most important. The decision between a rabbit and a deer (or between two rabbits) should be clear and fast. It is therefore essential to impress the customer with the innate nature. The first thing he encounters must be strong enough to attract his emotional attention. No logical arguments, technical data, or financial analysis will help you with this. Before the gray veneer understands them, the amygdala (emotional center) is long overdue.

And not only that. As research shows, once a client makes an emotional choice, he or she is It is very difficult to get used to. All other arguments it receives from you will be filtered according to the acquired position. If you are romantically interested, he will see confirmation in all other information that he made the right decision. If you had him emotionally pushed back, he will again see in all the other information an assurance that he made the right decision if he didn’t buy anything from you.

So you cannot do without an emotional “attack”. If you do not have a positive influence on a customer’s emotions, then you will not reach a neutral state, but a negation. Loves – Hates. Nothing in between.

The presentation should be easy to understand

The hunter does not force himself unnecessarily. So he does not pursue the illusion of the hare in the fog, only to discover that it is a stump. Then he may not have the strength to pursue real prey. So he wants to see the evidence: pictures, audios, and videos.

So if a customer came to an online store, where most of the pictures show “Show merchandise not available”, they definitely won’t stay there for long. This also applies to other sites. Although I met the opinion that clear and well-arranged text is ideal, because it only delays others, but it is the opinion of people who are very rational. The average customer sees it differently.

Often commercial website bugs (and I don’t just mean by online stores) are also pictograms where specific things are displayed. It’s definitely not a problem with a generic article, but if you put a picture of the smiling phone operators from the photo bank on the contact page, count on the customer who considers them your employees. Unfortunately when he realizes that Everything is different.

When it comes to product-promoting videos, there is still a tendency to mainly show technical parameters. I saw a photo where the tractor was driving on the sidewalk in the exhibition center and the commentary spoke of exceptional accessibility in this area. The customer subconsciously sees such messages with a big question mark.

Many ads, not just online ads, focus on artistic representation and exaggeration. You don’t need it at all. If you are serving apples, do not need to polish them or arrange them with nude eva before the photos are taken. Make a video in which the consumer gets a taste of one delicious fruit. This is the best evidence of the edibility, palatability, and freshness of cromagnons in their heads. And it is more important for decision making than anything else.

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