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Entrepreneurs must also strive for attractiveness. I often drove past a fast food restaurant on the outskirts of town. They used to sell pumps there, change owner or the current owner decided that opening a buffet would be a better business. But according to the empty parking lot, I had a feeling that this bet was not working for it. If there are no signs on the road calling for coffee and lentil soup, he might think that he abandoned them a long time ago and is considering, for example, selling motorcycle parts or work clothes. But does it have to be?

To get clients’ money, you must first attract their hearts.

I thought I would stop by the buffet one day and give the owner some advice. But it ended before Covid began.

“Firms will not attract or retain clients without attractiveness.”

Marketing advice

What will be the first one? From a driver’s point of view, I’m pretty clear about that. The car park entrance is near a busy intersection and you won’t recognize it at first sight. No motorist would dare to stop in a convoy and investigate where to get there. It somehow prevents him from listening to the call on the podium in front of the store: “Stand next to us!” So it is enough to clearly delineate the entrance. And I’d like to add a parked car, because people don’t like to go where no one else can be seen.

However, this is only a small technical metric. The essence and key to success is elsewhere. And what you’re reading now doesn’t just apply to a specific buffet, nor to all buffets and restaurants. It is a common principle for all companies that want to break out of the mean and achieve success.

Offering coffee and lentil soup to passing motorists is the same belief in miracles. In that case, you’d expect a lot of people to pass by, who might get hit with a lens or have their heads fall off the wheel and need to replenish their caffeine dose. How many are there really? And why don’t others stop? Since there is no good reason to have coffee in a gray cube, which promises nothing special, it is not marked by anything special and has a secret entrance to the parking lot.

To be clear, it’s not just the look itself. It is about individuality. If you’re serving coffee from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, harvested by trained monkeys, roasted, tasted it or brewed it yourself – everyone tell – drivers will drive a few kilometers to get it right. When you do the same with lentil soup, they will come to you for it. You don’t have to have everything to offer at the highest level. One thing is sufficient and the other could be, for example, a better standard.

But again, it’s not just a product. Sometimes when someone asks me what kind of advertisement should I do, I answer them with a little nonsense: “Don’t do it.” Really, don’t advertise, do marketing. Don’t worry about tariffs now, especially for our purposes, remember the ad is like the carnival costume you take off for the evening. Whereas marketing is – or should be – by you directly. I’m afraid it probably isn’t clear yet, so I’ll show you an example. Have you ever encountered in everyday life that women enthusiastically recommend washing powders or shampoos? So that people on the bus stop sharing their experiences with headache pills or cold drops? Probably not much, although they still did in advertising. In a successful company, however The difference between advertising and real life disappears.

A successful hairdresser can have an advertising spot produced, which clients will enthusiastically promote. Maybe a little bit will change that. But the transformation comes when real customers start recommending it to their friends. How to achieve? Usually by looking beyond your business. Hairdressers can invite their clients to pause for a word as they walk. And create a suitable environment for that. He can link the process to a coffee shop or pastry shop. He can do hairstyles … it is important that he is not just a fringe element in clients’ lives, but rather a service. As he takes more of his life, he becomes more successful.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs ask the question “Why does the customer go to us?” Fits with “tough” arguments: price, quality, and assortment. They firmly believe that this is the case, although not only research but also observing actual customer behavior convinces them otherwise. Remember your first (or even last) love. Did you decide at the time whether your loved ones can grow and cook sirloin? Wondering what is your pet’s profession? No, pretty eyes and a romantic smile on their lips beat reasonable arguments.

The customer must be attracted

Of course the customer will appreciate that you have good products at a good price. But only then, when he gets used to coming to you again and again. But first You have to get his love.

When I tell you that company has to be sexy, you will probably see a nightclub photo and one-night affair. So let’s just say she has to be cute. That might sound better to a lot of people. The character (businessman or company), as with others, manifests itself in magic. But while others might be grunts, boring shepherds, or brawny gossip on the balcony, you can’t afford it at work. You must be a wizard and never get bored here.

The sad truth is that at least 80% of small and medium-sized domestic businesses do not have the slightest sexual attraction. They count on the fact that they can make food, that they have good prices, that they cook good food, serve you fast and so on. But it also means that they don’t have the tools to effectively attract new customers and retain old ones. Because this is so important, let’s repeat it again: Firms will not attract or retain clients without attractiveness.

why? Because basically a customer doesn’t care who they’re going to when they’re all the same. They are distributed equally among all suppliers and none of them can significantly reverse this position in their favor. But what happens when someone with sexual appeal appears? Naturally attracts the majority.

How to create an attraction

So how does it build gravity? In the first class Find an answer to the question of who you are. There is no personal copy of you in the world, and when your friends hear your name, they know exactly who it is. He will remember your appearance and the emotions they feel for you. You are authentic with everything. The same should apply to the company. One thing is how you register with the commercial registry or the commercial registry, and the other is how the customers perceive you. Build your marketing on it ( Also see the e-bookFrom mission to strategy)

a second It is important to claim more space in customers’ lives. Not by force and not against their will. But they don’t just buy from you. There can be many ways to do this. Watch an example with a hairdresser. And above all, communication is important. It is important to be active, mobile and not bored. Where there is stalemate and nothing happens, people neither go nor stay here.

And the third Do all of this to the fullest. You cannot be 50% personal. You cannot be calculated in relation to your neighbors and expect them to like them. Lehits marketing is based on honesty, and that is important. If you engage with passion and make a sincere effort to give people the most potential, you will have no problem building your attractiveness and sexuality for the company.

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