Never do this unless you want to lose a good client

it is easy. If you don’t want to discourage customers, stop thinking your comfort comes first. It is the famous Frgáls bakery from Wallachian. However, after a recent visit it will probably stick to my mind as a shop with the worst service I’ve encountered over the years, when we have our own business here. Were it not for the fact that I needed frgals for good clients and business partners, I would probably turn around and leave a box of ready-made muffins on the table. I just grit on my teeth like that.

Lehits: How to Deny Yourself a Good Customer

Lehits entrepreneurs think of customers first. Therefore, they are successful. So first find where you are adding customer convenience, then just find yourself.

At the same time, I was not a customer asking for half a frog. From what I asked for, the saleswoman had to see that I was going to sell her. However, she didn’t bother.

“If the worker does not understand something, it is up to the employer to explain it to him.”

I can’t run my legs because of you

Even when I was selecting the individual species according to the offer, I received a stern answer in two cases, “We don’t have!” Not “I’m sorry, but they’re out” or something. We do not “bark” at the address of the client who invents them. Finally I managed to prepare one order, and the saleswoman came back somewhere and considered two more orders. I still don’t know what will happen.

When the lady came back with a full box, she began to spell it again, however I got an unexpected reaction: “Can’t you say that once? Should I go twice because of you?” I wanted to make it clear to her that I want to wait for me to change my mind. But as soon as I started, “I thought …” the saleswoman interrupted me: “My leg could hurt, right?” And she snored in disgust.

Then the golden nail came after all the orders were dictated. And are you sure that everything is over and you will never remember anything again? She said sarcastically. Not with exaggerated humor, as it is sometimes the case, but quite seriously. She didn’t do it at all (perhaps under the impression of how much I spent) in the end thanking me. It was too late.

As you can see, we can have the best product, but if we can’t sell it too, As a result, the impression of service prevails. A customer consciously or unconsciously feels that we are telling him, “You still won’t get anything better anywhere, so be happy we’re going to sell it to you at all”. Which, of course, will not please anyone. Stick to spell. Or we can remember the socialist shops, where the master was not the customer, but the saleswoman.

It has the same effect as if these frgals (undoubtedly good) were wrapped in greasy newspapers and tossed on customers without a prescription. It spoils the impression completely and the client goes elsewhere next time, especially when he has a choice like me.

The customer, our partner

But where did this approach come from? It comes from a basic misunderstanding of the role of the seller. The lady simply believes endlessly that the most important thing here is. She is so convinced that it hasn’t even crossed her mind that the customer doesn’t know or know how far to go to buy the cake. And even if he knew, wasn’t it a concern for the businessman to organize it better, not the shopper?

When a worker does not understand something, it is up to the employer to explain it to him. And here we are at a stumbling block to traditional trade today. Even when salespeople have some sales-based financial incentive, usually no one can explain to them how they will actually increase sales. That this is customer behavior in the first place and that they come first ( Read also in the e-book Lehits in-store marketing).

I don’t want to promote any dictates from shoppers and God forbid, to defend the vulgarity of some customers. We prefer this Understanding the relationship as a partnership. After all, business is fine when both parties are satisfied. Therefore, it is imperative that sellers (and store owners) do not see the sale as a one-time order.

Lehits Principle: In sales, let’s focus on repetition

After all, if the saleswoman politely explains to me that she should go far and that dictated command will suddenly get her way, I’ll know next time. In this case, however, already There will be nothing next time. The system, which is inadvertently set to “once – never be repeated” works. I also. Of course the dealer is not pleased.

The main culprit isn’t the saleswoman, although she might realize her behavior is inappropriate. Above all, the businessman is to blame. If he thinks his thinking is specific to one-time shopping and educational work with employees who represent him in front of customers, this is an unnecessary waste of time, not even great products will help him. It is said that the basis of success lies in people not for nothing.

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