Offering a lot to customers, it will increase your sales

People love abundance (which is different from a large group). So give them a sense of abundance and they’ll come to you. How do you feel when you walk around the store’s half-empty shelves? How do the websites of two companies react to you while the other only finds contact information? What is the impression you make on two sheets of paper? Most of you will surely answer that you prefer to choose from abundance.

If you want to increase sales, offer customers a lot

In intuitive marketing, it is important to influence the instinctive reactions of customers. For example, because they need to see abundance around them.

It’s a natural reaction, perhaps rooted somewhere at the dawn of the human race, when a prehistoric collector and hunter learned that he had a higher chance of survival if he found a rich crop or a game-filled area.

Often, staying with a pair of shrinking apples or chasing a lonely rabbit often means losing the ongoing struggle for survival. Therefore, it would have been better to spend energy – if there was enough of it – to find a really abundant food source.

Follow the motto “What we presented yesterday is not enough today! “

Offer a lot to clients

Many of our habits (and not just shopping) have their origins in these times and we can be a hundred times certain that it would make sense to do something else, yet we’ll use the logic of our ancient ancestors over and over again. There’s no point in resisting and trying to re-educate our clients. It is much more helpful to satisfy their instincts. After all, this is the logic of prehistoric man – not to waste energy and follow the path of least resistance ( One chapter in the e-book is devoted to instinctive decision-making Lehits in-store marketing).

So if we ask for it The customer around him to see abundanceSo that he chooses from this abundance and doesn’t mind staying with her, let’s give him that. It’s not just about store shelves. As I mentioned the site at the beginning. Notice how many companies are still showing they own just because they belong in the photo. The result of this approach is that they are either little-informed or largely “outdated” messages and that the most recent innovation is two years old. Many of these sites indicate how good the company is, but they will not. It will remain only with the general phrase of the type “bake big rolls”. The greatness of a roll can be described by many words, recipes, pictures, or even the soundtrack of an eating food. In addition to other products but also services ( Also in the article What to put in the online store).

Where there are crowds, there is something interesting

Your offers are the same. If your client is clearly the exact type and hears nothing but the numbers in the table, feel free to provide them with a summary of your offer on one sheet, but above all you have to have something to summarize. Usually these people are scarce, and everyone else – obedient to their instincts – wants to choose from abundance again. As I said about a website, it doesn’t always have to be a number of products, rather, it often is Provides an abundance of information. If you present it in an organized form, you do not need to worry about its quantity.

I would like to take this opportunity to cite another discovery of our predecessors: Where there are few people, there is probably none. So they might just be the bastards who couldn’t find a better place anymore. And where there is absolutely no one, there is definitely nothing interesting. Thus, half-empty shelves or information sources lead to a chain reaction: some customers leave, and the smaller their number, the faster the rest will disappear. Plus, there are no new restaurants – how do you feel when you come to the restaurant for lunch and it’s completely empty?

What can you do if you want to sell more

Remember the intuitive marketing principle: A good seller gives his customers everything they want, and more.

Pay close attention to the “That’s enough!” Password. On the contrary – see every day to add something. If you run a retail business, check the shelves frequently and fill in the blanks. Use blank walls to promote. In addition to merchandise, provide a lot of information. If you are supplying corporate clients, give them specific offers based on knowledge of their needs and desires, document them with knowledge of these factors, and complete the visual and audiovisual part. Let the “witnesses” of your good care – your satisfied clients – speak for themselves. After that everyone floods your website with information, but so that it is clear and understandable.

Any quantity, whether commodity or information, must have its own logic, purpose, and must be “digestible” (that is, usable) for the customer. Then your abundance will be appreciated.

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