Post-Organization Program from D&B and ICA

Being a good “citizen” of a company means more than just complying with regulatory requirements

In an ever-tightening regulatory environment, there is increasing pressure on companies to understand exactly who they are working with. This is hugely important for companies with an international dimension, because laws or regulations vary from country to country. These companies are expected to have thorough knowledge of not only their customers, but also due diligence on supply chains and partnerships with third parties.

but that is not all. Being a good “citizen” of a company means more than just complying with regulatory requirements. Ethical behavior in the work environment has become an essential part of the business strategy to meet the expectations of customers, the general public and the media.

Lehits recently collaborated with the International Compliance Consortium (ICA) and production company ITN Productions on a press program that meticulously researched the best examples of compliance. In the video below, our global compliance experts address the following issues:

  • Why compliance is an integral part of global organizations
  • How are supply chain functions and compliance related
  • How Data Can Help Responsible Business Management
  • How important is accurate and correct information to identify the ultimate owners

The entire program “Beyond Regulation” It can be found on the ICA . website.

Intelligent use of data, tools, and analytics — those provided by Lehits — is essential for purchasing and compliance professionals. Businesses need to understand the people they trade with, but they often do not take full advantage of the potential of the tools available. By leveraging data and automating their processes, organizations can increase efficiency, protect themselves from financial and reputational damage, and reduce their costs.

Author: Brian Alster, Global Head of Supply & Compliance, Lehits

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