Store Etiquette: Smiling will unbelievably increase your sales

A smile miraculously opens customer wallets. Smile and you will have a full store and more sales. An ancient Chinese proverb is said that a person who does not smile cannot open a store. Whether that means starting a business or opening the store door every morning, one thing is for sure: a smile is so important that it can determine your sales far more than any lessons about the correct placement of merchandise on the shelves and in the sales area, including the lowest price.

Etiquette behind the counter: Smile sells

Lehits entrepreneurs have a positive mood and thus smile. They know that a smile has an economic value.

Especially when supermarkets have also expanded the serviced departments, although otherwise they are self-service, including cash registers.

In training, I repeat often that a smile should “jump” to the salesperson completely automatically as soon as a customer enters the store or starts talking to them. It is just a habit. But it is very useful. Research has shown that if you smile, you tend to be positive and supportive, which is of course very helpful when selling ( Read also in the article The economic value of a smile). Another lesson says that smiling, but also being positive is contagious. So if you often complain about angry or aggressive customers, you are treating them with your own example.

“Is it really worth convincing customers to rudely for a few seconds?”

Not just a smile sells

It is possible to combine a smile with a greeting and then keep it on your face. Unfortunately, the greeting is often omitted due to “sales acceleration”, or even – especially saleswomen – think the customer should welcome. After all, he’s the one who enters, and the man greets the woman first. And in the case of the relationship between the seller and the customer, the buyer is more important. After all, he feeds you with his money and can choose who you spend it. Just remember Bata’s motto “Our Client, Our Master”! ( See also the article The poster behind the counter: Greetings do not belong to scrap metal).

Salesmen from one of the stores complained that customers were unhealthy. Nobody has taught them the customer is the most important, so they should always welcome them first.

In intuitive marketing, we know: Greetings won’t get in the way of anyone

When it comes to saving time, try how long it takes to say “hello”. Two seconds, three seconds? Is it really worth convincing customers of your rudeness for a few seconds? And create a take-and-pay environment that doesn’t indicate active sales at all? You might spend ten minutes a day, but you will lose the opportunity to increase sales. Sales should be dialogue, but clients have a hard time deciding to argue with people they clearly don’t respect. No intuitive businessman could admit that.

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