Store Etiquette: Why and How to Show the Most Important Customer

The sale is full of emotions. You can offend a customer when they feel like a fifth wheel in a car. So it is best if you tell him that he is the most important. The saleswoman Mata is worried: her ex-husband does not want to pay her support. Therefore, the customer should wait until the problem is described with colleagues in detail, discussed and closed. Sometimes – as it has already happened to me – the remote cashier joins the discussion and has a conversation on the shopper’s head. The situation may seem funny at times, but it is not happy.

Etiquette behind the counter: no worries

It seems clear that the customer is important. But intuitive entrepreneurs are showing it to him, too.

In this way, the customer learns that it is not important at allNobody pays attention to it and prefers to visit another store.

Of course, there is no need for saleswomen to spend all their work time without talking. We are human and he is human. But only until the customer enters. So he is the most important, not the ex-husband or the Saturday disco champ. Even if there is an amazing point or announcement to come, Even if the seller doesn’t complete the sentence At that moment, all private conversations should end as if he were dead. And without any bounce. Imagine how the customer reacts in his mind, expressing his desires, and the saleswoman explodes with laughter. Will he understand that there was something joyful being discussed here before his arrival? No, he’d think that’s the reason – and he’s upset.

“In principle, if a customer enters a store, all private conversations between the sales representatives should end.”

Lehits Principle: Customer is Mr.

Some saleswomen might go silent (I’m not biased against women, but men are still less talkative) when a customer arrives, but they can’t wait for a choppy conversation thread to build. Barely they turn to the shopper to change, they turn to a colleague and carry on the discussion. Needless to say, the service between them is not worth the hassle ( Read the article as well Are sales reps also banishing your customers?).

The other employees feel that they cannot wait long with their exciting message, so they mix the conversation up into a dialogue with the client. Sometimes so smartly that he doesn’t know what he’s going on and what his husband owes in alimony. In any case, in such a situation, it should feel like the fifth wheel of the car.

The solution is easy

So what should be known and taken into account in the cases described? In principle, if a customer walks into the store, it has them all End of private sales interviews. Especially in a small shop where the staff receives the customer upon his arrival. Through the salutation, she shows that she knows about him and is available to him. How do you go about something that does not interest the buyer at all?

The situation is slightly different in the larger sales areas. If customers move somewhere around the store, the saleswomen can talk to each other, but in a silent manner. Here too, the conversation should end once the shopper contacts them. It is definitely unacceptable Pretending not to see the customerJust to be able to complete an “interesting” discussion.

The sticker in store is always valid

It is also necessary to bear in mind that the buyer is a customer from entering the store to leaving it. So it just isn’t even paying. Therefore, the same rules mentioned above apply throughout its life. The salesperson’s conversation should not continue until the customer leaves ( Also in the book information Shop smartly).

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