Take care of your customers’ entertainment, and they’ll care about your sales

Take care of your customers’ entertainment? Yes, if you want to be good. In the past, life, especially in the village, had its order. The work alternates with the holidays, and the season with the festivities. Mushroom soup was cooked in summer and cabbage soup in winter. We left all the festivities today, we don’t celebrate the holidays, they are only holidays, we can buy tomatoes in January. I don’t want to talk now about whether it’s okay or not, but the important thing is that this lifestyle brings with it boredom.

Celebrate and celebrate - especially with clients

Lehits entrepreneurs know that if they don’t care about customer entertainment, they’ll think of shopping as the necessary boredom and evil and spend 3/4 less on it. That’s why it’s so important to know how to do this.

People have nothing to look forward to, nothing changes around them, life goes on monotonously. Ultimately, even those who get rid of boredom by shopping will find it still has one side, too.

“Let’s face it, today’s sales are elsewhere than they were in the early 1990s.”

I have long warned that the demand for shopping experiences should not be underestimated. It follows what I just described. People find life monotonous and want some excitement. Since today they can choose where to buy without being restricted in terms of diversity, they logically prefer stores and companies in which they have something extra.

This extra thing could be just that Feedback on seasons, holidays, and other events. It can be arranged with both decoration and other follow-up activities.
May Day, for example, can be characterized by blossoming cherry twigs, even artificial twigs, or their pictures (or everything together). You can also quote Mach on the stickers. And because it is also a holiday for lovers, the purchase offer and incentive can be similar to a St. St. Valentine’s day.

But when you look at the calendar, you think about what happens during the year, it all helps you set colorful reminders of seasons and events. And it doesn’t just have to be in the store, you can still do this in the online store or on the web.

The biggest problem for cruise ships is said to be getting rid of passenger boredom. And so something happens from morning to evening, they serve snacks, cocktails and organize events. That is why the number of employees is greater than the number of passengers. In business the land is very similar. With a difference, customers can escape from you for fun elsewhere. So it only makes sense that we pay more attention to their entertainment.

Lots of fun days

Christmas, Saint Valentine’s Day, and Easter are commonly used in commerce. Maybe it is still a vacation and the beginning of school. When we realize that a year has 365 days, it is boring for the most part. But it doesn’t have to be. Plan your annual itinerary and act accordingly.

Start thinking about each month You can schedule one or two events. Make decorations, announce the Labor Day event. For example, for sweets, a book about love or an outdoor seat “for lovers”. The clothing store can do a themed show, with drugstores selling spring air fresheners.

There are also a lot of international days. For example, August 8th is International Cat Day. It can be used very well, don’t you think? Especially if you sell pet food. In May we have Mother’s Day, Family Day and maybe also Towel Day (May 25). If you sell textiles, take full advantage of the last day. And it is not only Valentine’s Day, but International Marriage Day (12 January) as well.

You will find more inspiration in this practical application An overview of all the important days in 2021 .

Do it to the fullest

If you really want to attract your customers, you can’t stay with the outdated thinking that you just need to dust off the decorations and hang them somewhere. What you celebrate should be everywhere. In the store, on the web, in the newsletter, on the board in front of the company. You need to talk to your customers about this. All you have to do is expand your imagination and you’ll discover what can be extracted from this towel day.

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