Tell customer stories, and grab their attention

Tell your stories if you want to grab customers’ attention. The Athenian politician Pericles once spoke at a forum on an important country issue. After a while, he noticed that people didn’t listen to him that much. So he changed the subject: “A merchant from Athens went on a longer journey and hired a donkey. His companion went with him. At noon they sat and ate, and since there was no tree nearby, the merchant lay at least in a shadow cast.

They sell the stories and become their narrators

Stories help sell. That’s why intuitive entrepreneurs tell them.

After a while, the owner of the animal was with him and demanded additional fees for the shade. He said he only rented donkeys. The dealer objected that the animal’s shadow belonged to him. And because they did not agree, they appeared before the judge in the nearest town. ”Pericles fell silent and turned to leave.

“wait!” Called listeners. “You have to tell us how it went.” The speaker returns to the stage shuddering, “So you’d like to hear about the shadow of the donkey, but you’re not interested in state affairs!”

“If content is king today (especially on the Internet), then the story is definitely its crown.”

Even today, people are mainly interested in stories

Although nearly two and a half thousand years have passed since then, People are still the same. They care more about stories than business information. So, if you want to tell them something, even if it is something very important, you should keep that in mind. Don’t get angry because they won’t finish your awesome article (or even the entire book) to the end, but edit it so that it is easy for them to understand.

Professional Czech authors sometimes ask themselves why similar books in countries to our west have become bestsellers, while hardly a few readers in our country read them. When you look at their work, you will find that they write them as scientific papers or textbooks. However, in your reader’s favorite books, you will find stories instead of tables ( Also see the book Lehits for the 21st Century).

Of course, there are people who only need ten colleagues to read their career report, which they’ve been polishing for years. However, most of us yearn for more readers. We write words to make money one way or another. And if content is king today (especially on the Internet), then the story is definitely its crown.

What the stories they sell look like in intuitive marketing

They are the most attractive My own experience. However, if you don’t have the guts to reveal your privacy, you will definitely find enough stories of other people and companies. Don’t copy them, but recount them. Good stories:

  • Clarify what you want to say
  • It is not very long or complicated
  • Prefer positive examples
  • They can be funny, but not always and at any cost

The story is a literary form. In a purely professional text, rude and stylistic clumsiness may be tolerated, but in the stories it catches the eye. So not everyone can enter it without risk. But since programs now reliably monitor text errors, it’s not a problem. You will gain mastery with words through reading, especially novels.

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