The longer a customer stays in the store, the more sales you will sell to them

If you want to sell more to clients, you need time to influence them. Therefore, you must keep it in the store. In many stores, we struggle to “handle” the customer as quickly as possible so that they can come back. It seems logical and right, because so many of us still have a good memory of standing endlessly in line. But the faster the customer goes through the store, the less time you have to impress and apply marketing tools.


Why and how to extend a customer's stay in the store

Lehits entrepreneurs keep their customers in store. But until they like it. And it affects them all the time.

It’s like walking around a billboard on a highway at a speed of 130 km. What will you remember from it? next to nothing.

So it’s good to realize that it works slowly and Client delay In the store is not the same. If he has chosen and decided, check-in should be made as soon as possible. But before that happens (and often after), there is a lot of room to influence his decisions. However, when we look at the shops, and especially the counters, we find that they are usually not equipped for “delay”. On the contrary, everything is subject to simple customer movement from door to counter and counter to door.

“It’s nice to realize that customer service and being slow in store are not the same thing.”

How do we extend a customer’s stay in the store in intuitive marketing

Let’s take something as simple as A place for a stroller. A mother who has to leave him (often with a child) outside, either does not enter the store at all, or quickly buys in a hurry, does not hear your other offers. Child safety is first for her. However, if you allow her to not only put a corner baby stroller, but also sit back and relax, she can pay attention to your marketing materials.

Or let’s take a look at a bookstore. Only in a few of them you can sit down somewhere and browse the book. And I’m not talking about coffee or tea that the customer can enjoy. Experience shows that the chance to get to know a book in more detail increases the likelihood of purchase. The fear that someone will be able to break it in the store in most cases is smiling in most cases. Or e-books, which have already surpassed the printed versions in some areas. Why isn’t there a computer that the interested party can order from your online store right away?

What about technology?

Today, new technologies also penetrate the promotion in the store. Large screens are used, for example. All too often, unfortunately, they are placed on the wall behind the desk and given a steady notification of the event with a new price. A regular blackboard with chalk will do all of this, plus a few crowns. So if you want to invest in technology, you have to use their personality. Show merchandise so customers can taste it – literally and figuratively, according to the assortment ( See also the article 5 tips to increase sales in your store).

At a car rental company, for example, we replaced on the screens a nonsensical public advertisement, provided by the parent company, for pictures of the cars available, including price. Usually customers make their choice before it’s their turn, so the check-in process has speeded up. On the other hand, they chose more expensive models because they were more attractive.

The TV screen, smaller this time, could be part of an information kiosk in the middle of the store. But not alone. Imagine playing a video tutorial on how to cook, say, goulash, and putting a printed recipe with an ingredient list, or even some commodity, underneath. If you don’t want to spend on technology, you can do so with the help of pictures and other aids. One important thing: So customers can stop, browse, read, and even discussWithout restricting others to purchase. When you have everything on the wall behind the vendor’s back or on the counter, people will catch it from the corner of their eyes during express service, like a bulletin board on a highway.

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