The original strategy is a tool for making money

Ads must be understandable, well targeted and sold. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. In 2004, the Centrum Portal put out an advertisement for the dog Bobik, which quickly gained fame so that his fans started clubs., however, didn’t have much of this popularity. A lot of people thought it was promoting her competitor’s list dog as a mascot. Bobika’s fan network is founded and owned by someone else. Excitement soon erupted without further support.

The original strategy is a tool for making money didn’t have much to advertise with Bobik. He couldn’t use it. In intuitive marketing, we use what gets results.

I wrote online at the time that was lacking in strategies. The marketing manager at the portal immediately objected and claimed that this was not true. They have a strategy: to be a gateway for everyone.

“For everyone to be is totally unoriginal.”

If you want to thank everyone, you usually don’t thank anyone so being for everyone means not shooting anyone, which is totally unoriginal. Only entrepreneurs who vaguely suspect they must have one can call it strategy. But strategies are not about making an impression, but rather about making money, securing a good position in the market, and best of all, being at a good distance from the competition ( Read in the e-book From mission to strategy ).

Lehits: Do strategy differently

If you want to succeed then I recommend you do it in a different way. Not as the marketing manager at a bank who told me their strategy is to watch and emulate what the big banking firms are doing.

Before that, he asked me if I had seen their awesome ad. I admit that I haven’t seen any of their ads for a long time. “But what …” he described to me. “Is this your ad?” I wonder. “I didn’t even know that.” The beholder paused, then said, “But we love it!”

If you don’t have an original marketing strategy, you may want to do ads that you like. But not for customers. And it’s a problem that some entrepreneurs don’t even notice. They call it an image ad. Everything that does not work, does not increase sales, and does not carry cash is just a picture.

What did the original strategy look like?

The original marketing strategy is when:

You know your customers and accordingly Allocate content and resources. For example, you definitely wouldn’t be promoting big business services in the daily press, as you have seen.

You were made Market spaceWhere there is no competition. When Southwest Airlines used a low-pricing strategy, established airlines imitated it. But they failed. They couldn’t imitate their idea of ​​customer service, which is unique.

You create a strategy that matters to customers Price until the last place. If you are mainly competing for price, this means that you are in a commodity market indistinguishable from the competition. People who buy the Apple brand in the blink of an eye will pay a lot more.

You are consistent. Often the big brands announce a “change in connection,” which means they start talking about something completely different. The Bill series has long described itself as a premium brand and suddenly begins confirming in ads that it is mainly cheap.

The originality is not that you have crazy ads or that you fight for the rights of dwarves. Authenticity guarantees that you are in the eyes of the customers The long-term difference from the competition. Emotionally, not the standards or the price. People who buy a Tesla rarely do because of the acceleration value.

Your work has a soul. Clients don’t join companies because of their fictional ads, but rather treat them like people who agree with them. For example, Bernard beer is more expensive, and harder to find and tasting it is always a matter of habit. However, people look for him because he has a story to match.

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