The principle of vinyl records and how to use them in marketing and sales

Perfection may not always be what customers want. So what do they prefer? “The records attracted me because of two things, the high cost and the inconvenience,” the man in the Alex Gregory photo told The New Yorker. So why do people buy it, even though it is so expensive, fragile and clumsy? We will also be interested in the answer from the marketing point of view, because the people there have the same problem.

The principle of vinyl records and how to use them in marketing and sales

Most people don’t yearn for cold technology or impersonal sales. They want them to live in a human world.

The main reason for purchasing vinyl is the “natural and humane” sound, although it is not perfect. For the record buff, digital music sounds too austere and technical. For the same reason, audio experts prefer tube amplifiers. So the techniques of the past are not over yet. And it’s not just a wave of nostalgia.

“Most people yearn for a baker or butcher to talk to.”

Likewise, we have digital marketing. At first glance, cheap and easy. But it suffers from the same disease as digital records. He is not human and friendly.

Of course, customers will know this. At first glance, it seems that most humans want nothing more than having the newest and most modern in the world, but this is just an illusion. Less than 14% of the population is called early adopters, as they are called. And it’s not just about the hardware. These are also approaches.

Customers yearn for the human dimension of sales

So someone might be willing not to meet with the seller all the time of purchase, tag the merchandise and pay for it in the self-service cash register, but most people want a baker or butcher to talk to ( You can read more in the e-book Lehits in-store marketing.

This is how Peter Mayle describes the visit to the Provencal butcher: Do we realize, he said, that we met an expert, and as far as pepperonata is concerned, perhaps the highest authority in the entire Vaccus region? … we had to sound like we liked it suitably, because then he cut a nice piece of veal and went on with a professional sound. He cut the meat, cut it into cubes, filled a small bag with herbs, advised us where to buy the best peppers (four vegetables and one red, contrasting color is important for aesthetic reasons), we discussed the recipe twice sure we did not get started, and recommended the appropriate Côtes-du-Rhône .

From my own experience, I can say that people can easily wait in line and listen, or even join their notes and experiences. In short, they are having fun. On the other hand, why do they look so much for impersonal supermarkets in our country and rush to make the troublesome purchase behind them? Is it not a coincidence that even in small stores they do not usually find friendly salesmen and experts willing to talk to them? You must know this, especially how it is with you.

Pareto base works reliably

It probably looks like most of the clients will belong to the “Me Out” group anyway. Did not matter. Pareto rule (And count on it) will tell you that those 80% of your customers will only bring you 20% of the revenue. On the other hand, the remaining 20% ​​of people will be interested in 80% of sales or profits. How is that possible? Such a light customer, who flies through the store and it’s no wonder he has a stopwatch in his hands, only buys the essentials. Or what he previously wrote on a piece of paper. You cannot influence him on the run.

But you are talking to the minority. It goes without saying that sales are not about gossiping, but rather about the sales conversation. So if you sell all of the ingredients, as the butcher mentioned in the sample from The Year in Provence, you simply convince the shopper to buy pepper and wine from you. Or discuss any recipe with the same result.

You can also recommend other parts or a similar type to the book, when purchasing a table, remind yourself of a chair and strap for your pants.

If you have a smaller store, you likely cannot compete with chains and companies for price or offer spread. This is their parquet. That’s why you need to find something else that they can’t, but you can. And the most important thing is the human approach. Not only can it bring you good and loyal customers, but also it does not allow to push you into the corner of the competition.

The answer to the question of why vinyl recordings are returning is as follows: “Because we are human.”. The same reason leads us to intuitive marketing not to be limited to the virtual world, but to personally meet clients and thus provide them with services that modern technology cannot provide yet.

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