The purchase does not end in payment, who does not know will pass

When does the sale end? Later than you might think. This is important. I was buying a book. The young saleswoman threw bubble gum into her mouth, set the price, tossed the change back onto the table, and stared under the ceiling. I no longer exist for her. After all, I achieved my goal, the money was cash. So why do you keep trying? But we do need the customer to come back again and again.

The sale does not end with payment, so whoever does not know loses

Lehits entrepreneurs know salespeople matter. That’s why he also trains them so well.

Through similar behavior, we show a customer that we only value their money – once we receive it, be courteous and attentive.

“Don’t underestimate it because it’s your money.”

And not just behind the counter and at the cash register. The customer was no longer there for us when he seized the goods and the money got into our account correctly. Although we mostly want, To be our customers next time.

So what can you do so that the purchase never ends once and for all

  • Either immediately (in the case of retail sales) or within 24 hours for the customer Thank you for your purchase.
  • The seller can give to the customer Your business card Provided that if something goes wrong, he will personally take care of it.
  • Ask him to call himBecause you want to send him a discount coupon (or newsletter, etc.)
  • Invite him to Next purchase (in a store).
  • Within a week, ask the customer about their condition with your product (or service). Satisfied, Mainly in B2B sales ( Also see the e-book Sell ‚Äč‚Äčeverything!).
  • Within a month, offer him an especially beneficial purchase intended only for him, or Some advantages.
  • Ask corporate clients at least once a month How satisfied are they with you.
  • And you will definitely consider other options …

But don’t combine gratitude and concern for customer satisfaction with another offer. This would have been understood as a trade hoax. So when you do thank, just thank you. When you ask about satisfaction, you are only interested in contentment. You can submit the offer within a week, for example.

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