Use better ads than flyers to save and increase revenue

Flyers are expensive and you may not be able to afford them. But there are other ways to replace it and do low-cost marketing. Retail chains once felt like there was something wrong with delivering posts to mailboxes. It was hard to suspect that it had not been delivered properly. Otherwise, why is the response to them so poor? Therefore, they ordered a survey from Incoma Research to confirm or refute the hypothesis. The survey showed that, on average, 75% of households receive publications – in some cases it is more, in others it is less.

There are also ads that are better than flyers

With modern technology, intuitive entrepreneurs save money on the one hand and achieve better results on the other hand.

Most importantly, the number of customers who are shopping in their inboxes according to the advertisement is increasing It has decreased significantly in recent years.

Chains are considered to be flyers listed in mailboxes The basis of your promotion. And once their efficiency drops, they look for guilt in the distribution. Where else, when is the percentage of households not receiving the flyers ever increasing? That’s why supermarkets and hypermarkets require expensive surveys to prove that distributors sometimes throw flyers into trash cans instead of mailboxes.

“If you have few resources, don’t waste them.”

Flyers are not good for traditional businesses

However, common sense is enough to know the truth. First of all, we know that in many mailboxes, especially in cities, we find a warning that the owner does not want to throw advertising material. But even if this sticker is lost, it will not be won. Many people simply place flyers out of a clipboard in a stocked box without even having a single look at them.

If the advertisement is still arriving at the apartment, then we can expect it to be studied mainly by low-income customers. They have more time. Typical examples are retired people and the unemployed. But clients with deep pockets choose raisins from the specials and are basically not very helpful ( See also the article Opponent hunters are not loyal at all).
It’s also hard to imagine that a busy person would be wandering around the supermarkets, collecting their flyers in their mailbox, and only buying what’s right in each of them. And today everyone knows that it will not bear fruit. Time and fuel cost a lot of money.

While it is certainly not possible to generalize, it is clear that publications alone cannot reach all clients, and as the situation evolves, their effectiveness must necessarily decrease. However, Chains would rather find guilt in others than admit reality and start acting on it. It reminds us of a blind man who unsuccessfully strikes his cane on the fenced passage he has been walking on for years.

Lehits entrepreneurs use other options to support sales

At the same time, it remains in its “territory.” A number of untapped opportunities. From imaginative promotion in sales territory through more effective presentation of events according to context to more efficient arrangement of goods. Supermarkets and hypermarkets spend most of their resources getting customers into the store, but when it comes to convincing them on the spot (making a profit) they get stuck, sometimes on both feet.

Retail chains are obsessed with “standard methods”. It was as if they had only seen the dangerous swamps around them, and that was the only way. It gives space for less competition. Unfortunately, it often does nothing but stick to the paths taken by its major opponents. It’s hard to see new opportunities. We read in the Bible: “When a blind man leads a blind man, they both fall into a pit.” So the standard methods are not worth imitation ( Read also in the e-book David’s secret slingshot or how to succeed in the face of major competition).

Better store advertisement according to intuitive marketing

The magic word for success is ‘Holistic approach’. You cannot expect miracles if you spend all your money in one place and save somewhere else. Due to the beautiful post, the customer will not miss the empty pastry racks and the dirty floor. He does not appreciate the large equipment in a mess and he has to search for the required goods for half an hour. He wouldn’t cheer on the special opponent if the cashier poured his anger on him and was unable to pull ten crowns from the cart.

If you have few resources, this is no longer a waste of them. There is no direct relationship between the number of flyers or similar ads and your turnover. The popular American Walmart chain distributes about ten publications a year, while the competition ranges from fifty to one hundred. However, its turnover is not ten times less than the others. He uses other tools – primarily a respectful and “humane” approach to the customer. Instead of posts, personal recommendations work, distributed orally and thus free of charge.

Therefore, modern business is based on creativity. At first glance, this may not seem like it (except for “creative” advertising), but it is given from the point of view. The size of the firms appears to be a sign of success. In fact, only a small percentage of retail chains in our market make money. If they want to believe this will someday change (using standard methods), this is their business. Do not copy them to your advantage.

How to replace classic flyers

  • Create a place to work Inspirational posts (For example with recipes at the grocery store) and place them next to the merchandise or at the entrance to the store. You save on delivery and don’t even need print quality, you just need a computer printer.
  • Reinforcement – strengthens Web content (Again, most inspiring), you can also put PDF flyers for download. The costs are minimal.
  • Used to inform customers and bring them to the store Email newsletter. The best way to get addresses is through a loyalty program.

How to Create Attractive Newsletters According to Lehits

A newsletter is a more demanding form of email for information. It might even look like a printed newspaper if you send it in pdf format, for example. To be fun for clients, it must be subtly mixed More general information content with business incentives. The feature is especially for fans who run specialty stores. For example, if you sell mountain bikes, you could write about everything related to them: artistic attractions, itineraries, drinking regimen, and appropriate clothing. An upgrade with a discount coupon is only valid until the date of the next newsletter.

Why subscribe to newsletters for intuitive marketing

Because 99% of the information contained in it is practical inspiration and instructionHow to do business and market differently, with more success, while saving costs. You can use it on the day you read it in the leaflet and not waste time.

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