Web principle, or how to win customers

If you want to do low-cost marketing, act like a spider that catches flies in a cobweb. “You have one last chance, the special discount ends tomorrow! Registration for the tournament only until midnight on Sunday. Then in a year or never!” You sure receive these offers, too. Some entrepreneurs are convinced that this will force you to make a decision in their favor. But it doesn’t work, at least not for all clients.

Web principle, or how to win customers

In intuitive marketing, we act like spiders. We capture clients and keep them near us for a long time. But we are not emptying!

You may still remember the progress of Ala Kirsch, which was then repeated and is still being repeated by his disciples. One-time website with three videos, an online course invitation and timekeeping. Then again a year later or not at all. But they usually run out of money soon, so they start new, expensive ads to lure people who weren’t sign up at the time back. Mostly in vain. as they say, Out of sight out of thought.

Famous cookbook author Jana Florentina Zatlukalova introduces her newsletter as follows: …

If you don’t sell all at once, you can’t afford such a critical statement of terms at all. After all, people do not have focused needs in a single moment. And on top of that.

Imagine a very useful paper offer for printers, which only lasts 14 days, will be served to someone who has just stockpiled it half a year in advance. If he has the common sense, he won’t buy you any merchandise for another six months just because it is now at a good price. He simply waits for the paper to be consumed and then orders another. But not with you – I was only useful for 2 weeks, so he deleted your email and didn’t save the page. If she did not have an exceptional memory, you no longer existed for her.

Competition loves to reach customers you don’t care about

You have to realize that the Internet is really a global network of thousands upon thousands of your competitors. From almost all countries and on all continents. Losing a customer’s interest is like throwing a gold jewelery in the mud. You will probably never find it again. Another person will be lucky.

So how do you retain customers who haven’t bought anything from you now? How do you make them think of you? Certainly pressure on them. So you can lick the cream, however In fact, you are plundering the market. The early gold miners did the same thing – they only took larger chunks of the precious metal and left the rest in rubble. But the deposits soon ran out, although most of the gold remained in the ground. This should be avoided.

The Internet is usually understood as a network that connects participants. But Spiders are also used as curling. Spread in space, it increases the certainty that the fly will fly into it, and the adhesive surface will then hold in place for the owner of the cobweb to use it. Basically your goal should be the same thing: create a “pervasive”, “static”, and offline system that captures and carries a potential customer. This way you can use her true purchasing power, not just convince her to make a one-time purchase.

In intuitive marketing, we don’t know a single-use customer

Let’s start with the procedures. If you want to retain customers who don’t need anything right now, don’t be intimidated that the event is over tomorrow. Give them better Discount coupon Has a longer shelf life, for example for half a year. Because when he decides to buy, it will be an argument in your favor.

But until then, you probably won’t be sure that he remembers you for half a year. Therefore, it is imperative not to let a potential customer cool down. Your relationship should be active, not passive waiting. How is this arranged? Connect with him and let him participate.

The processes going on in the minds of shoppers are increasingly becoming the focus of science teams. We may conclude from their research that if a customer considers you an authority in this area, he will start Put your arguments ahead of the competitors. And if he establishes a closer emotional relationship with you, he does the same.

Look at Kofola’s motto “When you love it, there’s nothing to solve”. This isn’t just a sick mantra, but it’s essentially a manifestation of that rule. Attitudes towards products are formed at a young age, and the more emotionally stable they are, the stronger and more resilient they are to compete.

How to attract clients to the network

However, you will not be able to show the customer as an expert and liked the first time they visit the site. Therefore, it is imperative to have enough time space in which it will work. It’s best to start with a newsletter. Of course, social networks are useful as well, but you have to bear in mind that they do everything to curb anything you don’t pay for.

On the contrary, you have the newsletter under control. Of course, how important it is to present it on the web. If you have slogans like “Every week of current events in your inbox!” , You probably aren’t collecting many addresses. Currently, every online store and millions of your competitors offer current events. So you have to tell those interested that they will get something useful that they can use, even if they do not want to buy anything ( Also see The newsletter is back, learn how to use it, and it will increase your success)

Famous cookbook author Jana Florentýna Zatloukalová delivers her newsletter as follows: “Don’t forget to say about the regular Thursday delivery to your inbox. You’ll find love and understanding of cooking, interesting advice and ideas, sense of humor and lessons in he-she.” This looks very different from action, procedure, procedure, right?

The newsletter must contain the readers Bring it to the web. The website should be able to get more information, from a blog or ebooks provided for free. You can invite him there to visit social networks and return him to interesting content on the web.

You can organize polls, contest prizes, ask him what he thinks, and ask him what he’s missing and what he likes. Don’t limit yourself to online space. If possible, you can also hold in-person meetings and similar events and events.

The point is, don’t let a potential customer stand up, however Keep urging him to move And he was active. So he will not only forget you, but in the arrangement, according to which he will later choose who to buy from, you will firmly settle in the first place. As I mentioned, if you do it well, you will gain a reputation as an expert. Does the subscriber of Jana Florentýna Zatloukalová’s newsletter doubt he is familiar with cooking? And if for a long time he received “the love and understanding of cooking”, does he not sympathize with the author?

Increase your sales!Unsuccessful temptations are challenges such as “setting up a business from the beach and you don’t have to move your finger for the rest of your life”. These are the only events that don’t work in the end. If you want to have an active relationship with customers so that they don’t forget you, you need to be active first.
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Why subscribe to newsletters for intuitive marketing

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