What does your store window show? Do you go with time or be late?

Everything changes faster and faster. Focus on outdated merchandise. What instead? “How do you know that you are barely here for a few minutes?” The store owner responded. There was a lack of confidence in her voice. She just announced that she has an old focus on sales and therefore cannot succeed. So she smiled, took her arm, took it out, and pointed to the store window, “Here you go.” What was in it?

What does your store window show?  Do you go with time or be late?

Lehits entrepreneurs know that customers won’t come on their own. It should attract them. And the shop window is a great tool for that.

Only this is nothing. The shop window was covered in aluminum foil with brightly colored pictures. Although it is cute, however The shop window did not serve its purpose.

“Do you know the saying that the store is a gold mine?”

It is not difficult to assess the opinion of the traders who are covering up the interpretation. They say to themselves, “I need more space for merchandise. I have to tape a shop window so another shelf can be pushed into it.” But the focus on commodities is no longer functional today. And for a simple reason. It is based on the principle of offering customers good goods in good quality with good price. But do you know someone from your competition offering low-quality miscreants at exorbitant prices?

The essence of success is getting out of the crowd. Because when you do it like everyone else, someone drops you to the ground with ease through discounts. When a customer has nothing to hold, price always comes. It’s enough for a competitor to press your prices to the ground for a few months – and where have you been? ( Also see the e-book Lehits in-store marketing)

After all, the shelf won’t help you much and it won’t significantly increase sales. Customers come in a certain amount of spending. Not that they won’t be ready to spend more in the end, but you have to convince them to do so. And the rack won’t do it for you.

Sell ​​differently and focus on customers

So what do you need? Switch from focusing on goods that won’t bring you a lot of new and increase your sales, to focusing on customers. Because there are still great opportunities and opportunities to increase revenue perhaps one hundred percent, which I have confirmed in practice. Therefore, the new approach aims to:

  • Bring customers to the store
  • They will go there again and again
  • They will spend more on you

People who passed or passed the new shop first stopped disbelief, then they stopped and returned. When they found out that they really saw what they wanted most in the shop window, they walked in as a hypnotist … The appeal of the interpretation was described in one of his books by horror master Stephen King. So you better not even want to know how it ended …

But in real life it turns out pretty well. Nobody stops at the window with aluminum foil to decide to go inside. And if you want to be full, you have to somehow attract customers and convince them to join. Thus, the customer-oriented store can be recognized from abroad. Inside, of course, it’s even better. But not until the next time.

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