What stores do customers avoid and what does that mean for you

Some stores don’t like customers. See what to do to avoid getting caught between them. Today, the average Czech customer has 8 grocery stores in their area where they can shop. Therefore, he becomes more and more picky and rejects some stores – he visits regularly 3. There are big differences between the chains, both in the percentage of “refusers” or in the barriers that discourage customers and send them to competition.

Where customers do not want to shop and why

Lehits entrepreneurs care about anything that gets them discouraged. Although it is trivial at first glance.

A surprisingly strong reason not to go to the store is the unpleasant shopping environment. The INCOMA Shopping Triggers study addressed these and other topics.

According to the study, the average Czech shopper can easily access eight large-scale grocery stores (supermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, and smaller self-service stores). However, he regularly buys only three – so the remaining five stores remain on his periphery. Even a high percentage of customers completely refuse to visit some stores, so their commercial potential remains untapped ( See also the article Where do your customers go?).

“For some chains, anyone else who has a store refuses to visit the store.”

Where people don’t go shopping

Of course, the percentage of people who “reject” a store varies from chain to chain. In almost all major chains, more than 20% of their potential customers refuse to visit the store, that is, people who have a store available and can shop there. For some chains, the percentage is about 50% – everyone who has a relative refuses to visit the store.

However, this is a missed possibility for traders – they lose out on millions of potential clients. Not only do these people not spend with them, but because they do not visit the store, it is not possible to convince them again with an improved offer. And because they often refuse the store After some negative experiences, He spreads this bad news among your friends and acquaintances.

What does not encourage customers

Therefore, it is imperative to know the reasons that will discourage customers from further visits. The INCOMA Shopping Triggers study shows that the true hurdles of shopping sometimes differ from what people like to complain about. So what’s the most important thing?

It still comes first Distance: distance Some stores are far from others and are still the most important part of choosing a store. At the same time, it also means that I have no reason to go to the store “a few meters away”, as it does not give me sufficient reasons to do so. In second place among the hurdles very expensive But this is the average for all chains, for some, this barrier is ranked seventh or eighth. The third is Merchandise selection Along with the quality of the merchandise, it is perhaps the most important element in which the chains can differentiate themselves and gain more customers. But it is also surprisingly powerful Shopping environment, store atmosphere; It occupies the fourth place among purchasing barriers, and it is the chains, where (after availability) the second most important of them is) Read also in the article Retail Trade: An Upcoming Revolution).

On the contrary, factors that customers often criticize, such as long waiting lists, employee behavior or working hours, are not among the strongest barriers. There are stores that are rejected for these reasons, but they do not dominate the market as a whole. (Source: INCOMA GfK)

The study focused on chains, but of course the same applies to traditional stores. On the contrary, the influence of the shopping environment and atmosphere is stronger here, because they often cannot compete with price and selection chains. Think about how many people you don’t have the opportunity to reach and share because they’ll never come to you. The program will give you a lot of advice on how to make the store more fun and get rid of obstacles by changing the details Cashback World PLUS IM.

What attracts customers according to intuitive marketing

So in a traditional store, you can bet on these factors Ensuring customer interest:

  • Create a fun and welcoming environment where customers communicate at home
  • Compensate for more distance with an engaging online presentation, if interested, customers will be happy to go
  • Choose your merchandise carefully, you don’t have to own what other people are doing

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