What strings can’t do and how you can use them right away

It is imperative to realize that chains are far from being able to do everything. They are missing out on how to do good marketing at low cost. Small business owners can do this. They opened a new self-service for a multinational chain in the city. Local dealers started polling on the first day. Of course, they found nothing joyful. They lamented “such prices.” “We can’t compete with that! What will happen to us?”

Don't run away from the fight, the competition can be defeated

Lehits entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of chains and companies. They know they can do something they don’t do.

The vegetable seller surrendered to her a week later. The butcher ponders it, and others wait to see if a miracle occurs. They hope that people will soon be satisfied with the news and then return to it. It didn’t even occur to them to actively engage with the competition. Could they go down like this with the price dropping?

Surprisingly, during the “spying” the merchants did not notice other things that were no less interesting to them. At five in the afternoon, pastries are regularly disappearing from supermarket shelves. The choice in some configurations is very limited. Usually there is only one cash register open, with a long queue in front of it ( Discover
How are you with the help of an interactive post Test your store).

“Stop chasing the lowest prices and find what customers will value the most.”

You ask, why don’t they see the competition’s obvious weaknesses and thus the chances of facing them? The answer is simple: they themselves do not consider it a defect, because they also do not order rolls in the afternoon, they keep their customers waiting and offer them the goods according to the password “That’s enough for you!”

Lehits entrepreneurs don’t give in to competition

Thus, small merchants mention a victim of a hypnotized snake. They are willing to convince the chains and the media (which mainly derive information from these chains) that the customer is not interested in anything but price. And because they can’t compete in it, they remove the resigned stores as soon as a big player appears nearby ( Read also in the e-book David’s secret slingshot or how to succeed in the face of major competition).

In fact, most of them didn’t even try, unless otherwise. Why do they do it when it is clear … But a closer analysis will show that it is not a fact like About expectations I would expect shoppers to only be interested in pricing, so I feel this is really the case. But why do customers keep going to the store, not buying pastries in the evening and wasting time in line at the cash register every day? If not because of the prices, then what’s in it?

Offer something other than strings

The cause is not difficult to find. The competition – the freelance traders – won’t give them anything else. He also usually keeps on rolls, pushing yesterday’s wheels in salami slices and closing them at 6 pm at the latest. So if a customer has to choose between two identical approaches, then it goes where it is cheaper.

So stop chasing the lowest prices and find what customers will value the most. Many marketers argue that this simply isn’t possible because customers only care about money. However, at the same time, they add one myself that they have no chance of prices against the chains. It is said that the legs of drowning were caught. So, if your situation is unsolvable and hopeless at first glance, why not try what might challenge your ideas yet? You have nothing to lose. The program will give you inspiration Cashback World PLUS IM.

After all, you won’t be the first. Many of you have already bet on the customer rather than the prices, and if you browse professional magazines, you will find that they just didn’t survive. But it also thrives. And none of these dealers boast of having secured the lowest prices in town.

What are the weaknesses of strings you can use

For inspiration, let’s take a look at what you’ll find in the weak points of chains and where, on the contrary, you can be powerful with intuitive marketing:

  • In caring for personal clients. Supermarkets are impersonal and increasingly self-catering without vendors. Therefore, personal care is becoming scarce and it is viewed favorably.
  • In dialogue with the client. If a customer does not find the goods in the supermarket, he usually has no one to ask about. So no one knows what he didn’t buy and why. You can talk to him about this and help him and offer a workaround if you have none.
  • In meeting the personal needs of the customer. In particular, the need for recognition is very important for every person. No impersonal supermarket without vendors can fill it. The traditional trader does this, thus earning a loyal customer who buys more.

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