When you create a shop as a dog with a cat, you lose sales

When a store or restaurant doesn’t fit, customers know this. And she feels bad here. Therefore, set up your store or restaurant so that it has a positive effect on them. Recently I waited at the main railway station in Prague and because I was bored, I watched what was happening in the area. I was impressed with four women who improved order merchandise with small details in the store right below the checkout board. I thought apparently some support from the top to sell more. I was a little surprised after a while after repeating the same thing in another store nearby. But they may have the same owner.

Don't treat the store like a dog with a cat

In intuitive marketing, we are concerned with good customer fit. It cannot be done without balance and harmony.

However, if these experts got off the shelves and stood somewhere on my level, They will find that there is an even bigger mistake with thatThan just a little detail.

In both stores They blocked most entrance tables. Whether they were placed there out of a nostalgia for the narrow, classic doors of the traditional shops, or for vendors to separate from that large space full of wheel and some people and give them the illusion of safety, or they were added in an attempt to sell more, I don’t know. On the other hand, I can say it hurts stores three times.

“Improvements such as the dog and cat cake, often driven by the need to sell more, usually lead to the exact opposite.”

First Stylishly differs from other equipment. Then it looks like a temporary solution and thus reduces the overall level. It’s as if they put you in a better restaurant on a pallet on construction goats before they got a good piece of furniture. After all, in one of those stores, the tables really consist of planks laid on goats, albeit at slightly better levels ( See also the article Some of the little things that will greatly increase your sales).

a second There is a contrast between the pieces chaotically stacked on the tables (in one case, the cartons from the package under the table) and the carefully arranged merchandise in the rest of the store. Once again, it was as if someone had built a barrier in time, which the aforementioned team of four tried unsuccessfully to improve by using small shifts.

thirdAnd, and this is the most important thing, stores of this kind indicate an extreme openness to space, as passers-by seem to cross by chance and without intending the imaginary line that separates the store from the station hall. The sharp barrier disappears between those who want to shop (or look at the merchandise) and the people who “just walk”. In any case, the number of potential customers will increase ( Read also in the e-book Lehits in-store marketing).

How to customize the store according to intuitive marketing

But also important, indoors, and preferably somewhere in the middle of the store, there has to be something Which attracts the eyes of hesitant even from a distance. The red inscription “Prices from 50 CZK” will not solve it, unless there is a discount. You need a really attractive magnet.

So before delving into the finer details and details of the arrangement in your store, you should know that the spatial arrangement cannot be random and “as needed”. Typically improvements such as a dog and cat cake, which are often driven by the need to sell more, do the exact opposite. Either you dissuade the customer from entering, or impress him with a sense of chaos and chaos that puts you down. The result is the feeling that you have high prices that are not commensurate with your quality.

In particular, avoid the following barriers:

  • Clogged and unstable equipment, from tables to promotional items and shelving stands
  • Folding different types and sizes of devices that do not clearly match each other
  • Trying to use all the free space makes the store feel cramped

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